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5 Things We Can't Wait to See in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny 2: Lightfall is fast approaching, and there are lots of new things to be excited about. New Exotic Weapons, Strand, a new raid, and more, alongside a special collaboration with SteelSeries.

It's time to face the Shadow Legion, Guardian. Destiny 2: Lightfall comes with new challenges, but also new powers. As you head to the secret and highly advanced city of Neomuna, you'll encounter Tormentors and aid the Cloud Striders.

Let's take a look at what exciting new features are coming to Destiny 2: Lightfall. But before we do, check out what we have in store for Destiny fans:

Destiny 2 x SteelSeries Limited Edition Collection

Destiny 2 Limited Edition gear

Face overwhelming odds and master the power of the Strand, aided by the Limited Edition Destiny 2: Lightfall collection from SteelSeries.

Make sure to get them while supplies last! Note that these also come with free in-game items: the Viral Celebration emote and the Luminescent Precision Emblem.

Now, let's talk about the game.

Unlocking Strand

Strand is central to the new Destiny 2 expansion. Mastering it is key to defeating your foes. With it, you'll be able to create objects and summon Tangles by weaving. You can Suspend enemies to easily finish them off with your arsenal. It adds a host of new tactical options to dispatch your enemies.

You'll have the power to Sever your enemies to increase the damage that they take; conversely, Strand can also grant you Woven Mail to increase your protection. Those aspects will certainly be key throughout Lightfall.

Let's be real, though. The coolest Strand ability is going to be the grappling hook. It's only going to be a blast to traverse through Neomuna, but also it will be useful in combat. You can grapple onto a woven Tangle which will also refund your grenade. This sounds like a great offense-defense combo that's going to feel awesome to pull off.

Destiny 2: Lightfall subclasses

Destiny 2 Lightfall Berserker

New subclasses are coming to the Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Your powers expand with new tactical options for each.

  • Titan: Berserker: Tackle enemies head on by leaping in and tearing them apart with powerful Bladefury claws, having armor enhanced with Woven Mail. Control the battlefield with Drengr's Lash which suspends enemies.
  • Warlock: Broodweaver: Empower your abilities with Mindspun Invocation, allowing you to weave more Threadlings and create a suspending detonation when you defeat enemies.
  • Hunter: Threadrunner: Destroy the opposition with graceful movements, such as Silkstrike, which uses a combo of a grappling hook and rope dart. You can even create grappling points for your teammates with Widow's Silk.

New Exotic weapons in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Who doesn't love new weapons? It's time to amp up your arsenal with Cloud Strider technology and brand new Exotic weapons.

  • Abeyant Leap (Titan legs): When Titans use their Barricade, it gives extra armor to its wielder and spawns two additional seeking projectiles that track targets aggressively and suspend them.
  • Cyrtararchne’s Façade (Hunter helmet): After grappling, this Exotic helmet gives extra protection as Hunters gain body armor and flinch resistance.
  • Deterministic Chaos (Void Machine Gun): While holding the trigger, every fourth bullet of this Void Machine Gun becomes a heavy projectile that weakens targets on impact. Every fourth heavy projectile makes targets volatile on impact.
  • Final Warning (Strand Sidearm): Hold down the trigger of this Kinect Strand Sidearm to mark targets within range and load a burst of bullets. When hip firing, projectiles track aggressively toward marked targets.
  • Quicksilver Storm (Kinetic Auto Rifle): Grenades create tangles on kills
  • Swarmers (Warlock legs): This new Exotic leg armor allows Warlocks to create Threadlings that infest and attack enemies after destroying a Tangle.
  • Winterbite (Stasis Glaive): This Heavy Exotic Stasis Glaive fires a large ball of energy that locks onto nearby targets and freezes them.

New Destiny campaign with Legendary Mode

While we can't wait to explore Neptune's capital city, Neomuna, we're also eagerly awaiting the next campaign to see how the story unfolds. Building on the success of The Witch Queen expansion, Lightfall's story looks just as, or even more, exciting.

Another important aspect is the Legendary Mode. Challenge yourself to earn rewards of an even higher tier. Prepare yourself for the upcoming raid, which will open on March 10th!

More loadouts... lots more loadouts!

Destiny 2 Lightfall loadouts

As per tradition, expect a huge slew of gameplay improvements and refinements. Among them is the new Guardian Ranks system, which guides players with a progression and reputation system. It helps by recommending you content suitable to your level. There are also Commendations, which are awards you can give to your fireteam after completing an activity. Give them that thumbs up!

However, one of the biggest changes are the loadouts updates. You can unlock up to 10 loadouts in Destiny 2: Lightfall! It will be easier than ever to have the perfect loadout for whatever activity you're planning on conquering. We can't wait to tinker and create those.

There's so much to be excited about for Destiny 2: Lightfall's launch on February 28th, we can't possibly squeeze everything into this list. In the meantime, make sure to check out the Destiny 2 x SteelSeries Limited Edition for some Lightfall-themed items!