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Why Use an Ultra Lightweight Mouse?

Mouse brands and enthusiasts are racing to shave off as much weight from their mice as possible by drilling holes and making other modifications. Should you use an ultra lightweight mouse too?

First, let's definite lightweight and ultra lightweight gaming mice, which also go by names like super light:

Lightweight mouse weight

The general consensus is that a lightweight mouse weighs 80g or less, compared to the 100g+ of most gaming mice.

Mouse typeEst. Weight
Standard~80-100g or more
Lightweight~80g or less
Ultra light / super light~70g or less

Ultra lightweight / super light / etc.

While there is no specific number set, "ultra lightweight" and "super light" can be applied to any mouse than seeks to shave off significantly more grams from the "lightweight" 80g, generally aiming to push below 70g.

Ultra light mouse weight is generally achieved using a hard-to-miss perforated design, AKA "holey", which removes extra weight from the exterior of the mouse.

Depending on the brand, changes are also made to the mouse feet, cable, and interior electronics in order to increase the speed potential of the mouse.

Should you switch to lightweight?

In short, probably, especially if you play fast-paced games or you want to reduce strain on your hand and wrist. Many people are likely used to 100g+, which feels "normal" until they feel something lighter.

A lightweight mouse makes it feel like there is virtually no weight in your hand as you move or lift the mouse. Using a lightweight mouse redefines what feels "normal" to you, and puts less strain on your hand and wrist, allowing you to flick the mouse around effortlessly at lightning speeds.

Is it just about the holes?

In addition to lighter weight, ultra lightweight mice put a huge focus on increasing the feeling of speed in other ways:

  • Flexible, lightweight cables that don't add weight or cause a feeling of drag
  • Lightweight interior components like the circuit board
  • Specific mouse feet made of super non-stick PTFE and other glide-friendly materials
  • A gaming sensor that can keep up with the mouse's ultra fast swipes


You can see how speed is the focus of holey mice, but what about their lifespan? A mouse full of holes may understably have you worried, especially around drinks, dust, skin cells, pet fur, etc.

Luckily, some brands account for the unique durability challenges that holey mice introduce, using water resistant sprays to protect the interior circuits, and making other design choices specifically to protect the mouse from accidents and damage over time. Make sure that if you're looking to invest in a holey mouse, it has some manner of protection rating for the entire mouse.

All in all, lightweight mice are here to stay, and for good reason. When choosing one, you'll certainly need to consider weight, but also other speed-enhancing features like the glide skates, as well as overall durability.

What's our pick for the best ultra lightweight mouse? Well...