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Glory Stories: VR Week

The worlds are real, the jumpscares are jumpier. Check out these hilarious stories involving VR games from the members of our community.

This summer, we're celebrating all gamers. We've launched our Game On campaign, and over the next 12 weeks, we will spotlight all kinds of game genres. Alongside that, we're giving away millions of free game codes for virtual goodies. Whatever game you play, we want to play it, too.

VR games bring total immersion by putting us right there in the action. And as it turns out, it's easy to start confusing what we've done in the game with reality -- as many of the stories below will tell you.

With that in mind, we want to connect closer with our community. Through our social media channels, such as the SteelSeries Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we've asked you for your favorite memories involving VR games. We've picked our favorites to spotlight for Glory Stories.

Bear Saber Story

From Tratt855

Beat Saber Story 2

From Bridobot

Our hearts go out to Bridobot's dad! We know that our community manager & streamer RAIBOT01 has plenty to say about how she exercises with Beat Saber.

Superhot VR

From Milo_kowalak

Liam Cincotta: When I first opened the Oculus Quest 1 and did the boot up sequence, doing all the training and little games so you can be prepared. It was my Christmas present. I can still remember it like yesterday.


From The_matty_bee

Kallevato: Punching the fan when I threw my arms up after I won my first boxing match in Creed.

VR Minecraft

From Dawid_el_dursi

I think Dawid discovered a great method for playing VR games.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR

Multtiman97: Draw a card like Yugi and talk about the Heart of the Cards while playing Yu-Gi-Oh! VR.

Ovxrxnd: Getting so immersed in Half-Life: Alyx I tried to get up using a bed that wasn’t there.

Remember, we've got tons of codes for VR games to giveaway, and keep coming back every week as we celebrate other genres! Game On!

Game On Campaign