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Arctis Video Contest Winner

We decided to have a little in-house contest to make videos about the Arctis headset. Some entries were silly, others were random, and some should never see the light of day. This one rang true with us and was a favorite, so we decided to share it with you!

The Video

About the Creator

Tell everyone about yourself!

The name’s Angela. I’m a graphic designer at SteelSeries. And why am I here? I mean, have you watched my video? I won an internal contest and therefore I deserve a blog about me. I guess.

So what was the contest?

We were asked to make an ad for Arctis that showcases features or aspects of Arctis using any medium. Like, literally anything - someone thought about using their grandma’s knitting kit. Too bad that didn’t happen...

What was your approach?

Fine, yes, it was a selfie cam approach, but that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with selfies, okay? I can hear somebody laughing in the background while I’m saying this. But, no, it was the fastest and easiest approach I could think of at the time. I do regret it a bit now because it’s going to be played on at least six people’s phones. I apologize to those who suffered through the full video. SORRY.

What features did you want to show?

It was really just a couple things I wanted to highlight. The headset I wore is a white Arctis 5. I really love its simple and modern looks. I like simple stuff - simple designs, simple headbands, simple men (which is not related at all), and simple illumination. The headset is wired and comes with two types of cables. I use the 3.5mm cable on the go, and the USB cable for my desktop at home. It satisfies my simple needs. What man can beat that? (I’m not lonely, really.)

What do you think of the final video?

I realized I always look confused haha. Aside from that, for a two-day production edited by an amateur, I’m pretty happy with the results. Plus, it was a lot of fun filming each scene.

Does SteelSeries do in-house contests like this often?

This is the first time we’ve run a contest like this for our employees, but we do have office gaming tournaments from time to time which always get really competitive and fun. We actually just had an office-wide summer tournament with games like Rocket League, CS:GO, and even Mrs. Pacman.

What is it like working at SteelSeries?

Um, where to start…People here are very close to each other. We’re teammates both in-office and in-game. We’re hardcore gamers and workers and professional trolls (when it’s appropriate). It’s the only place I’ve worked that allows you to play games to relax if you’re having a really slow or crazy day. We have gaming PCs set up in the office that anyone can use. We have TVs that stream our favorite Twitch channels throughout the day. It’s been PUBG lately, in case you’re curious. Unlike most other offices, gaming isn’t banned here. Instead, it’s a huge part of who we are and what we do. Sounds nice, right? But we still work long hours and stress about deadlines just as much as any other office.

Work hard, play hard.

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