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SteelSeries & Pixart Introduce the TrueMove3 Optical Sensor

If you’re caught up on the first 3 gaming sensor posts of this 4-part series, then you know how we’ve gone out of our way to destroy the marketing myths of higher CPIs, and focused more on the necessity of bringing a low-latency, high IPS, 1-to-1 tracking mouse to the market. If not, spoiler alert: we did it! It’s our new TrueMove 3 optical sensor, found in the Rival 310 and Sensei 310.

Pixart is the master manufacturer of optical sensors, and SteelSeries has been working closely with them since we introduced optical mice into our lineup. Unsatisfied with the sensors found in competitive mice, the goal of our partnership with Pixart was to produce a customized version of the legendary 3360 optical sensor, delivering true 1-to-1 tracking at any CPI.

we arent the 1st to claim best accuracy, but 1st to be true

SteelSeries has a 15-year heritage, deeply rooted in esports. We developed the new Rival 310 and Sensei 310 to achieve very specific criteria to qualify as high-performance esports mice. For competitive gaming, the sensor must deliver true 1-to-1, raw tracking at 100 - 3500 CPI, and dramatically improve jitter reduction above 3500 CPI. As the first true 1-to-1 tracking sensor, TrueMove3 achieves that and more.

What does the first, true 1-to-1 tracking sensor really mean?

It means TrueMove is the first sensor that exactly matches your mouse movement with movement on-screen regardless of CPI setting. To achieve true 1-to-1 tracking, a mouse sensor must be free of smoothing, angle snapping, and imprecise movement. While most professional gamers use lower CPI settings like 400 or 800, TrueMove3 delivers incredibly accurate, true 1-to-1 tracking without using jitter reduction from 100 – 3500 CPI. At CPI levels above 3500, our custom SROM delivers the most effective jitter reduction for 1-to-1 tracking. TrueMove is the first optical sensor that will never let you down. If you missed the shot, practice.

How does it compare to the standard Pixart 3360?

You may find a competitor’s mouse with a 3360 sensor that is free of jitter reduction up to 2000, but our partnership with Pixart has resulted in exclusive customization, delivering the widest range of raw tracking available, up to 3500 CPI. Compared to other mice, the Rival 310 and Sensei 310 are both armed with the 1-2 punch of the TrueMove3 sensor:

  1. The widest range of CPI without jitter reduction
  2. Custom-optimized jitter reduction at higher CPIs to dramatically reduce latency.

TrueMove3 is the knockout blow to the competition and exactly what competitive gamers have demanded.

rival 310 and sensei 310 available now on