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SteelSeries + Chicago Canine Rescue

Calling SteelSeries a dog-friendly office might be an understatement. Last year, we had the idea of doing an activity to show off our appreciation for all the amazing dogs that still need homes. The Chinese Year of the Dog begins on February 16th, so we knew that now was the perfect time.

We partnered up with Chicago Canine Rescue, a local shelter that cares for dogs (and cats) and helps them get adopted, largely through the efforts of volunteers. They were happy to welcome us to photograph their adoptable dogs sporting some SteelSeries gear - it was easy to tell that they all just want the dogs they care for to find loving families, and we wanted to help show off some awesome adoptable dogs.

Vanessa and Angela

Vanessa and Angela hauling gear and goodies to the shelter.

So on a rainy Monday in Chicago, we stocked up on dog food, treats, toys, and SteelSeries gear, and headed up to the shelter to photograph some dogs! You can find the final shots on our Year of the Dog page, but here's a behind-the-scenes look at our day at Chicago Canine Rescue:

Adoption binder

It was hard to choose which dogs to work with, but the staff helped us pick ones that would feel comfortable being photographed. We were surprised at the variety of ages and breeds, most of whom were quite well-trained.

Working with Robby

We met and walked Robby previously when scoping out shelters to work with, and he is the first one we photographed!

How to make a dog look interested? Treats. Lots and lots of treats.

Gin and Tonic with Arctis

Gin and Tonic! These 10 year old brothers were inseparable, and it was immediately obvious how bonded they were. It was hard not to adopt these two on the spot.

Gin hug

How can we not cuddle up to this handsome pup?

Happy Cadence

Cadence came bolting into the room and could hardly contain his excitement, but calmed down enough to give us some big puppy smiles. How can you be sad after seeing that face?!

Shakira tilt

This Chihuahua mix named Shakira hit us with one adorable head tilt. Those ears don't lie.

Robby with Arctis

Break time!

Cuddling with Joe

We were initially warned that Joe might be difficult, but this cuddle bug warmed up to Angela immediately. We didn't end up getting too many pics of him because he wouldn't leave her side long enough to be photographed!

Moosh hugging

This affectionate pit bull terrier named Moosh was recovering from kennel cough, but that didn't stop him from hugging everyone in the room.

Special thanks to Chicago Canine Rescue for working with us. If you're thinking of adopting a dog, definitely consider visiting here or your local shelter to see what kinds of amazing dogs need loving homes.

Saying goodbye for now!

We also gave away some special prizes like a $500 donation to a local animal shelter, BarkBox subscriptions, SteelSeries headsets, and more!

Tail wag