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Balance Team Chat and Game Sound on your Arctis 7+

The latest SteelSeries app on the GG platform puts you in control of all sound while gaming.

Do you want a way to lower the screams of victory, dial back the cries of defeat, or simply decrease game sound to hear your teammates better? SteelSeries Sonar, a brand new and totally free software app from SteelSeries, puts you in absolute control. Easily balance the in-game sounds with communication apps when using your Arctis headset. Stay in control and adjust to whatever is most important in any given situation.

Download the SteelSeries Sonar app here >

Why you need sound balance control

In hearing everyone better and choosing when to heighten game sound, you’ll definitely feel a sense of power and control so you can more easily pull off that clutch. For games like League of Legends or DotA 2, it might be more important to hear your teammates and know what they're planning. But in shooters like Rainbow Six: Siege or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you better pay attention to those sneaky footsteps.

While we all love a loud gameplay energy, we know there’s a time and a place for it. You don’t necessarily listen to what anyone’s saying right as you're about to get that pentakill.

At a time like this, you can quickly turn your ChatMix dial to gaming, so your teammates won't talk over critical sounds like approaching footsteps or a weapon reload.

How to use ChatMix

It's easy to master the art of balancing your in-game sound against the team communication.

Once you've installed Sonar, you’ll be controlling ChatMix via the right ear cup dial on your Arctis 7+ headset, or any other SteelSeries headset that has ChatMix controls. Simply scroll the adjustable wheel toward the Chat or Gaming icons, depending on your in-game scenario. It’s how you’ll balance volume real-time during a game.

There are three positions you’ll maneuver between: Gaming-Focused, Balanced (in the middle), or Chat-Focused.

ChatMix on the side of an Arctis 7+

With the right headset, ChatMix can easily be adjusted on the fly, even near critical game moments, or when switching to different genres. ChatMix helps you adapt to the situation with your teammates to outperfrom the competition.

It's important to note that while you do need to install Sonar to use ChatMix, you'll only be controlling it from your headset, not the software interface. Volume balance only aligns with the headset dial's current position. We've deactivated all other controls in the software, so you don't accidentally override your ChatMix settings from your headset. Any adjustments are still seen real-time in Sonar.

Download SteelSeries Sonar for free

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