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Singles' Day Contest Favorites

Here's our top 5 favorite user-submitted images from Facebook!

We asked you to hit us with your best "single af" images on both Twitter and Facebook on 11/11 (Singles' Day).

Singles' Day post

Twitter went hard on the memes and gifs, and it was a right giggle. On Facebook, shit got real. Here's some of our favs:



Is this Bryan's alt account, or does he really have no friends? Holy shit, someone add Bryan on ASAP.



Solid meme submitted by Jeremy. Guess I'll die ¯\(ツ)

#3 (NSFW)


This one submitted by Ben was too funny/sad not to share. 10/10 choked on my drink.



Did Joe pose for this picture, or did it already exist for some reason? What's going on with the red heart in the corner? Also, I might be jumping to conclusions, but maybe Joe is single because he is a damn blanket hog.



What I like about Fred's picture is that it is genuine. He is really sitting in an Olive Garden Italian Restaurant eating unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks by himself. Happy Singles' Day, Fred. Invite me next time.