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How To Select A Mousepad

Finding the right mousepad isn't nearly as technical or difficult as shopping for a new headset or mouse. However, with such a variety of SteelSeries mousepads, how do you know which is the best for you?

All mousepads in QcK Series

Let's be honest, selecting a mousepad isn't the hardest decision in the world. But, everyone has different preferences and setups, so you may want to consider the following when making your decision:


The SteelSeries mousepads are now grouped into five different families. Here's a quick summary of each:

QcK Series
Our award-winning gold standard mousepad line. No frills, just sleek and simple micro-woven cloth that works with all types of sensors, and multiple sizes available.

QcK Heavy Series
Three times as thick as the QcK Series, which provides more wrist comfort, and multiple sizes available.

QcK Hard Series
A hard plastic surface ideal for laser sensors and those seeking the lowest possible friction.

QcK Edge Series
Multiple sizes with stitched edges to prevent peeling or fraying.

QcK Prism Cloth Series
Multiple sizes with programmable RGB lighting.


Do you have a small or limited desk space? Or perhaps you're a laptop user and don't always stay in one place?
The QcK - Small might be your best bet. Don't be fooled by the title - it's fairly standard size that you've probably used before. It's great for everyday use, and a good choice for most gamers.

(Pictured: not a real mousepad, unless you have an X-ACTO knife.)

Does your mousepad sit partially under your keyboard, making it lopsided? If you're using a large mousepad, you may need to go smaller (see above), or opt for an extra long mousepad that can run under your entire keyboard, preventing it from feeling uneven. This includes:

Are you an FPS or low DPI player who needs to swing your arm across the mousepad for big 360° turns? Consider these mousepads for those big sweeps of your mouse:

Do you want full-desk coverage for the ultimate battlestation flex? Check out our new line of desktop QcKs to give your setup a clean look with unlimited tracking space for gaming:

Durability & comfort

I'll rock one mousepad for years at a time, and the only wear and tear I notice is a bit of dirt. However, others find their mousepads fraying and peeling on the edges where their wrists create friction. If you find yourself peeling through mousepads, definitely consider one from the QcK Edge series. The stitched edges are basically impossible to fray or peel, so you won't need a new mousepad for years to come.

Different people have different desk and chair heights, arm positions, and more. Some folks find that they prefer a bit of extra padding under their mouse wrist. The QcK Heavy series offers three times the thickness of the standard QcK and other mousepads, allowing for more comfort for the arm and wrist.

QcK Heavy comparison


Your setup should look clean and modern, and we've taken care of most of the guesswork there. The main line of SteelSeries mousepads have an all-black, performance-focused style (which can be easily washed using a dark, damp towel).

It's completely up to you to decide if RGB matters to you. Personally, I didn't hop on the RGB train until very recently, but I couldn't say no once I saw the Prism Cloth XL:

Once you've considered all these things, go ahead and pull the trigger, because you're freaking set. Happy gaming!