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RuneScape: Everything You Need to Know to Start

After so many years, RuneScape is still going strong. As the game is continuously updated, now is as good time as ever to get into it.

Adventures await you in RuneScape! The venerated MMORPG is going strong with new updates. Check out our entry-level RuneScape guide to get acclimated with the game before you jump in.

Account types in RuneScape

RuneScape Party

You can make three different types of accounts in RuneScape:

  • Regular character account
  • Ironman Character: you can't trade with other players and can't use the Grand Exchange marketplace
  • Hardcore Ironman Character: same as above, except you also have only one life!

You can play RuneScape for free or with a membership feature that unlocks a lot more. It's definitely worth being a member if you want to play RuneScape, but you don't even have to spend real money on it. You can buy Bonds from the Grand Exchange (the in-game market) for the currency you make in game to achieve member status for 14 days.

Navigation tips

RuneScape Adventure

You can move around not just by clicking on the game screen, but also on the mini map. The mini map shows lots of useful things, such as NPCs in yellow dots, other players in white dots, and item drops in red.

Other city icons will also appear on it.

You can easily travel to zones you've visited before by finding lodestones. Make sure to click on them to activate them. Press on the H near your minimap to access the Lodestone Network.

When doing quests, make sure to check the level requirements on the quest overviews. These will be useful benchmarks to guide you and to what skills to train. Experience and leveling isn't as traditional as in other games.

Set your own pace, because RuneScape is as much about enjoying the journey as it is about getting there.

Questing tips

RuneScape questing

Here is a list of some of the best quest rewards in the game:

  1. Waterfall Quest — great XP rewards
  2. Smoking Kills — Slayer helmet
  3. Fairy Tale part 1 — Farming and Magic XP
  4. Throne of Miscellania — Access to Miscellania features
  5. Jack of Spades
  6. The World Wakes — Long quest with rich rewards
  7. Desert Treasure — Prerequisite for the next quest
  8. Temple at Senntisten — Unlocks curses
  9. Fate of the Gods
  10. The Elder Kin — Fight Kiln, two Hunter keys
  11. Plague's End
  12. The Light Within — Seren spells and prayers
  13. River of Blood — Reforged Sunspear which you can augment
  14. Sliske's Endgame — great for XP and a ring to level up gathering skills

Skill tips

RuneScape boss

There are no classes in RuneScape; instead, you progress by leveling skills. Daily challenges can help you there.

A free account has access to 17 skills, such as Fishing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, and so on, while a member account gives you access to all 28 RuneScape skills. While it may be tempting to train combat skills first, it may very well be a lot more worth it to train Dungeoneering. This skill will enable you to train other ones more efficiently.

Dungeoneering is primarily trained in Daemonheim, where players can delve into dungeons with a party. You must dismiss your familiar before entering. You'll need a Ring of Kinship to start, which can be gained from the Dungeoneering Tutor across from the Fremennik Banker.

You can wear various Gorajan trailblazer outfits to speed up leveling of this skill.

Slayer is of course a great way to make money, as the monsters will offer crafting materials that you won't get from harvesting other materials. Don't leave behind any drops, bury all the bones you can, and sell the things you don't need.

Trading tips

RuneScape trading

Make sure to secure your bank with a PIN (which shouldn't be close at all to your account password). Never share this information or your account information with anyone else, especially people that you meet in-game.

Don't forget to clean out and organize your bank from time to time. It will remind you of what you own, what you need, what you were doing last, and so on. You can use the Filter function (Clean up) to highlight unnecessary items.

Remember that trades you do with other players will be final as soon as you click that Accept button. Mouse over all the items they offer to make sure they are the right ones. Lending someone you don't know items might be a bad idea. Beware scammers in various forms and websites linked in the chat.

RuneScape World Map

RuneScape World Map

You can access the World Map in RuneScape anytime by clicking on a button near the minimap. You can't use it during combat, but it does bring a dynamic map.

There are a few websites that offer a full map, but here is a link to an interactive RuneScape World Map that you can use, complete with markings.

RuneScape Necromancy Launch

A brand new combat style is coming to RuneScape! Rise up with the powers of Necromancy to defeat your foes in a totally new way.

This style is outside of the regular triangle of combat styles and offers all new weapons, armor, abilities, and incantations. As you grow in skill, you'll learn different abilities to make your minions stronger.

There are two unique bosses that only Necromancers can battle. The first is Hermod, who drops Necromancy gear materials. The difficulty is comparable to a God Wars Dungeon boss.

The second boss is Rasial, a much tougher challenge, comparable to pinnacle bosses.

Check out the RuneScape website for more information.

Remember, the RuneScape Wiki is your friend!

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