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Here are 4 tips that when comboed with the right gear, can reap some big rewards. Right now, I am using the SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA mouse and the SteelSeries Arctis 5, and while PUBG is neither a MMO or MOBA, these two products have saved my life and annihilated others countless times.

It’s no secret that PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) has swept the gaming world by storm. It has sat comfortable at the #1 spot on the Top Seller’s list on Steam since it’s release and it is constantly in the top five games being streamed on Twitch. This “battle royale” style game puts around a hundred players against each other on an island, where the only goal is to shoot, stab, punch, and run over players until you are the last one standing.

Tip #1: Rebinding Medical Supplies to Mouse Buttons.

PUBG has a lot of consumables, many that have to be used in the midst of gunfire and chaos. While they are assigned to your number keys by default, moving your hand off your WASD keys or mouse in a time of dire need could spell disaster. I went ahead and bound my boost items, first aid kits, and bandages to the designated side buttons, allowing me to heal and drink energy drinks without ever having to take my hand off my mouse.

Binding healing items to mouse buttons can save your life.

Tip #2: Your Ears Are Your Best Weapon

Do yourself a favor and get a headset with surround sound, and turn up the volume. Using the Arctis headset with its DTS Surround sound has saved my life and secured kills time and time again. Hearing footsteps, guns being reloaded, and cars in the distance is almost as important as knowing how to aim a gun. Couple this with the ClearCast mic that comes with the Arctis, and your squads will thank you for clear communication.

Tip #3: Always Keep Moving, Even When Standing Still!

Many points in the game will have you bunkered down, either healing or being pinned down by sniper fire. When the force field gets really tight toward the end of the game, making sure you are topped off health wise is crucial, but sitting completely still behind that tree makes you a sitting duck. When using an item that takes a few seconds to activate, you can still take a step or two to the right and left. This could mean life or death when a sniper has you in their sights, and that one missed shot could secure delicious chicken dinners for you in the future!

Tip #4: Sometimes, It’s Okay Not to Engage

When the going gets tough and tensions are at an all time high, opening fire on that target running up the hill might seem like the best idea. This is a game about killing, right? NO! Opening fire on that player and not securing a kill might as well paint a big red target on your location. Not only did you reveal your location to everyone around you, but now you just wasted precious ammo. I only reveal myself if I know I can secure a kill, or I am in fear of the other player discovering me.

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