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How to Optimize Your Rust Gaming Experience

SteelSeries Moments and Engine GameSense are now fully integrated with Rust.

What is SteelSeries Moments?

If you're not familiar, Moments is our new game clipping app. It allows you to easily take clips, edit, and upload to all your favorite platforms. You don't need to go around and mess with other third party apps or worry about exporting and uploading, it's all there.

What is SteelSeries Engine?

Engine is our app which allows you to edit all your hardware settings such as DPI, product RGB, and other basic hardware settings. It also includes a feature called GameSense which allows us to connect RGB on products to specific games.

Both Moments and Engine are in our software platform called GG and best of all, it's free to download. Check it out here.

And if you play Rust, here's why your fight for wilderness survival just got more exciting.

How to integrate Rust with SteelSeries software

To make sure that the GameSense is working:

  1. Launch Rust

  2. Open up GG → Engine → Apps

  3. Scroll down to Rust towards the bottom

  4. Make sure it's turned to "ON"

How to use Rust with SteelSeries software

Once you get into the game and your Rust app is on, you get to enjoy all of these effects: - Blue breathing effect when too cold

  • Red breathing effect when too hot

  • Flash red when hurt / damage taken

  • Flash red continuously when below 25% HP

  • Flash red rapid continues when downed / crawling

  • Flashing green when radiated

  • Solid white when in building privilege area

  • Green breathing when 25%+ comfort

  • Moments timeline shows kills and deaths

Rust on SteelSeries Moments

GameSense Keyboard Desk Setup Competition

To celebrate the release of GameSense with Rust we're doing a desktop battlestation contest. Head over to our Discord and post your best RGB and desk setups with SteelSeries gear in the #Rust-Desk-Contest channel for a chance to win a copy of Rust and an Aerox 3 wireless.

Ends on November 16.

Download now to setup your gear and enter the contest.