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Kingmakers is a Medieval Combat Simulator with Sniper Rifles and Choppers

Kingmakers caught our attention, this is probably something we'll need to investigate personally.

What if you had an AK-47 while fighting a giant army of medieval knights? I don't know how well their armor handles bullets like this, so you better aim for weak spots!

This ridiculous premise caught my eye, and somehow there is an entirely logical explanation for it: time travel, of course. In order to save the world, you need to come 500 years into the past and intervene in a certain war. While historical details may be left unclear, your mission is to engage in fully real-time battle simulations between giant armies. And you bring special toys with you.

It's not all up to you, as Kingmakers will feature 1-3 player co-op (not versus as far as we know, but who can tell the future if you're not from it?). You won't be alone on the battlefield even in solo play as the game features tactical gameplay; anytime you can zoom out and direct a squad of soldiers on your side.

The highlight of the game are the assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, armored SUVs (?), bikes, air strikes... I'd love to hear if there's any special dialogue or reactions from the hapless medieval soldiers who are witnessing divine interventions on the battlefield.

Also intriguing is the "simulation" aspect, as according to the Kingmakers Steam page, "every soldier on the battlefield is controlled by a next-gen multi-threaded AI which controls their decision-making, pathfinding, and loyalty." Perhaps it will be possible to scare them off or incite to join your side.

Kingmakers Trailer

See the trailer just to witness how amazingly silly this game looks:

Kingmakers Screenshots

Kingmakers steam

Kingmakers release date

Kingmakers info

Check it out yourself, and we're looking forward to trying this one either solo or in multiplayer co-op! Kingmakers' release date is sometime in 2024.

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