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JoshOG talks PUBG

We caught up with the newest addition to the Stream Team, JoshOG about how to properly meter in PUBG, what to do when your sandwiched, and his craziest match to date. Be sure to read to the bottom for info on how to win your very own real life Level 3 backpack filled with SteelSeries gear!

Many people have trouble with zeroing (the act of properly measuring how far someone is to properly shoot them), do you have any tips for that?

Every box on the map is 100m, so you kind of have to do the math by looking at your map and the players location. I honestly don't mess around with zeroing and have gotten pretty good at it just by putting in a ton of hours!

What do you think are the most underrated parts of the map on both Miramar and Erangel?

Miramar: Definitely the power station on Miramar. That's low key my favorite spot! Don’t tell anyone...

Erangel: Small power for sure on Erangel. Funny how both my favorite spots are to do with power! NEED THAT POWER UP!

What would you say separates a mediocre player and a good player?

Would have to say decision making. A simple example is just knowing when to shoot a player. Making sure you're fully aware of your surroundings so that when you do pop off you don't get shot in the back or something.

Everyone has had at least one experience where they are sandwiched between two teams. How do you navigate a situation like that?

KILL EM' ALL! In all seriousness though, I follow my own answer from the last question about being fully aware of my surroundings. Sometimes you need to switch back and forth between both teams. Really depends on how agro each team is being.

Tell us about the craziest PUBG match you’ve played.

My craziest PUBG moment... hmmm ... there was one game, where I had a red dot on my M16, two guys fighting on the mountain by George, I was about 1,500m away, and I just hail mary'd one shot up there and one tapped one of those fools. WAS EPIC!

Win a level 3 backpack!

Fight for the drop

We’ve given JoshOG a LVL 3 backpack filled with our gear and you can win it….but it won’t be easy. Here’s how to get involved:

  • Tune into JoshOG's stream Friday (3/23/2018) starting at 5:30 CST.
  • Josh will randomly pick a viewer from his chat.
  • Both Josh and the selected viewer will drop into a predetermined location in a private server to battle it out.
  • If Josh wins, the challenger gets an in-game item.
    If Josh loses, the challenger gets the backpack!


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