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Improve Your Gaming Mouse Accuracy: Free Training

Getting better at FPS games starts with your mouse. Learn how to optimize the settings to your liking to improve your accuracy and then score those headshots!

Sometimes, you need a little help when trying to get better at heavily oriented mouse games. There are a few ways in which we can test your mouse to see if it's really up to par. This blog will give you some tips to improve your micro mechanics in whatever you play, whether it's quick sniper flicks in Counter Strike:GO or better, decisive aiming in Valorant.

First, we'll go over some training methods, then delve into making sure all your options and settings are up to par.

Get better with training

3D Aim Trainer Steam

First, there's no beating around the bush here. If you want to get better, really the best method is to practice. Practice, practice, daily. 20-30 minutes of aiming practice a day can make a difference in your mouse skills, raising your accuracy. Just playing the game might not be enough to get better, because you may not be as focused on aiming due to many distractions and game mechanics. It's better to isolate the aiming aspect to improve your mouse accuracy.

One great way to improve your mouse accuracy is using 3D Aim Trainer. This free aiming trainer can help you both with your accuracy and reaction times. In 3D Aim Trainer, you can:

  • easily warm up before playing Ranked in your favorite FPS
  • synchronize the sensitivity setting from various FPS games such as Apex Legends, CS:GO, Call of Duty: Warzone, Valorant, Overwatch 2, and more
  • track your stats in various categories to see how you improve
  • practice specific skills like flicking, tracking, and many more

You can also play 3D Aim Trainer on Steam! Hard to beat the convenience of Steam.

Testing your mouse

Aerox 5 gaming mouse

There are a couple of things you can do to fix your mouse accuracy. When you get a new mouse, the most important step is to thoroughly test it out with the same settings. Are you performing similarly under the same conditions? Did your mouse accuracy go down? If so, start adjusting.

You can poke around in 3D Aim Trainer with the same settings, and after trying out a few courses, return to your mouse configuration. You may need to make adjustments to your mouse CPI/DPI.

Compare your new results with your previous ones. And if you're looking to buy a new gaming mouse to improve your results, consider our esports-geared Prime Wireless or the ultra-lightweight Aerox 5.

Optimizing your mouse

Lastly, after settling on your mouse settings, you can do a few things to make sure your mouse accuracy can be as optimal as possible. The video from Panjno above goes through several steps to take to make sure your software is in top shape to achieve 1-to-1 mouse movement without micro-stuttering.

These can go a long way to give you the best input possible so that your hand movements accurately reflect on the screen, resulting in increased mouse accuracy.

Simply type in "Mouse Settings" in the Windows Search to find them. In the Window that shows up, scroll down a bit to find "Additional Mouse Options. (curse these new Windows settings that don't have all the options they used to!)

Mouse Settings windows.

In the new window that shows up, go to "Pointer Options." There, you will want to uncheck "Enhance pointer precision" and also select the pointer speed to the 6th notch exactly. This will help reduce any acceleration that Windows might be putting on the mouse.

After that, it's worth double-checking if you have Winows Game Mode on. To easily find it, simply type "game mode" in the Windows search bar. Click it and a window will appear. Just make sure that it's toggled on.

Windows Game Mode

Game Mode ensures that the system will prioritize gaming applications,, minimizing the possibility of input latency, thus better mouse movement.

The video goes through a couple more tips, but the most important settings for the mouse will be found in the mouse software. Ensure everything is up to date — the software itself, the mouse firmware, drivers, etc.

All of the SteelSeries hardware is inclusively managed through the SteelSeries GG app. There you can find all kinds of settings to tune the mouse to your exact liking to increase your click accuracy.

SteelSeries GG Software

Other than CPI settings, make sure to adjust the polling rate. You want the highest possible polling rate for the best mouse responsiveness, 1000. However, if you have a lower end machine, it could put some strain on it, so you may want a lower polling rate in that case.

With all these tips and proper practice, your mouse accuracy should improve.

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