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Improve Your Aim & Movement in Warframe

If you're new to the game and have a hard time getting to grips with how to effectively move through the hordes of enemies in the Origin System, then this guide will help compress your learning curve with some essential aim and movement tricks.


  1. How to best find your sensitivity
  2. Doing a slide attack
  3. Combat rolls
  4. Bullet jumping and aim gliding

One of the key things that sets Warframe apart from most games right now is its unique, fast movement system with fluid switching between gun and blade. One moment you're flying through the air while shooting at enemies, and the next you're slamming down in a group of them only to blend them right up with your sword.

If you're new to this game, this is one of the aspects of movement and aim that you will want to master and there's a lot to wrap your head around initially:

Bullet Jumping, Aim Gliding, Slide Attack, Slam Attack, Dodging, Rolling, Wall Latching...

But the more you move, the less chance you have of actually getting hit leaving you with more opportunity to put that masterful aim to good use.

Shoot. Jump. Blend! Aim and movement goes hand in hand.

And let me tell you, Warframe is one of those ideal games right now to help you perfect your aim for any FPS. Enemies follow a fast, erratic movement pattern, which for me, was a perfect way to learn how to snap from head to head.

Finally you have Warframe's abilities that can freeze these enemies in place to get some easy shots in. But of course, before all of that you need to understand the basics of the game’s movement. So let's dive into it!

Improving Your Aim

There are multiple ways you can practice your aim in Warframe and I'll suggest a few. But at the end of the day, it's important you pick one that best suits your playstyle.

You can practice in the the Simulacrum, during the Jackal Boss Fight or simply run solo missions while ignoring the objective and just bullet jump around from wall to wall, sliding and rolling all while trying to land shots on enemies and tweaking your aim sensitivity to match.

And speaking of sensitivity, the lower the better.

Because, like most FPS games, having a crazy high sensitivity will force you to overshoot the target and then overcompensate to try and bring your crosshair back on the enemy.

How to best find your sensitivity

Before we go into fine-tuning your aim, I want to show you some of the places I know Warframe players use to perfect their sensitivity settings.

One of these places is called the Simulacrum and is the ideal testing arena. In here you can freeze enemies in place to act like targets allowing you to practice your shots and tweak your sensitivity while also trying out the game’s movement.

Now if you're entirely new to the game then you won’t have immediate access to this testing room. But don't worry, there's are other great place that you can use instead.

One of the first bosses you encounter is a massive droid called The Jackal who spawns in little flying drones that are perfect to practice on.

Simply ignore Jackal as much as you can, by rolling into his stomps or jumping over them and instead spend some time bullet jumping around the large room while trying to take out the small flying drones.

You can even pop a few hots at Jackal himself in order to eventually take him down.

A final great place to practice is during one of the first missions, a Survival on Mercury, that spawns in countless amounts of enemies. Do the same here as with Jackal: Bullet jump around and try to fine tune your aim while getting used to the game's movement system.

Eventually you will dial in your ideal sensitivity, get accustomed to how to aim and the unique movement system will become second nature to you.

Warframe is unlike any other game I’ve played when it comes to the fluid combat and high speed movement system but when you combine both of those systems together its incredibly satisfying!

Movement Basics

Each warframe has their own Sprint Speed which can be increased with certain Mods & Abilities. But aiming your guns and basic melee attacks will stop you from sprinting which isn't ideal because as soon as you stop you take more damage. You can however keep your momentum going with melee attacks by crouching while sprinting which makes you slide. Then while sliding, you swing your melee weapon, making your Warframe do a slide attack.

This is an incredibly effective way of clearing a room with a powerful sword, polearm or whip. Not to mention the array of weapons in game that only require you to aim in the general direction of enemies.

Combat Rolls

Something a lot of players don’t realise is how useful the game's dodge or roll mechanic is.

While rolling you take 75% less damage!

That's forward rolls, backflips or siderolls, they all reduce incoming damage. It also removes certain enemy types from your Warframe: Latchers, Maggots and Energy Leeches that suck up your energy and Swarm Mutalist MOA spores that cover up your screen making it hard to see.

So, roll as much as you can because it will knock these enemies off and potentially save you.

Bullet Jumping & Aim Gliding

This is the core movement system in warframe. The one that will help you rush through a mission tile set to an objective or rush to the mission exit as fast as possible.

Crouching and jumping at the same time will propel your warframe in the direction your facing while also dealing a small bit of damage to enemies around you. Something that you can then chain together with your slides and rolls to avoid incoming damage but also to cover as much distance as possible. Not to mention eventually combining it with aim gliding to kill enemies along the way.

Aim Gliding is when you hold down your jump button in the middle of a bullet jump, your waframe will then glide through the air slowly which allows you to shoot at enemies or aim yourself towards a group of them and slam into them with your melee weapon.

It can also be used for challenge puzzles in certain missions or to climb onto a zipline or to enable a wall dash or wall latch if you wanted to.

Wall dashing is where you run sideways along a wall, wall latching is where you literally just hang from the wall and shoot at enemies or cast certain abilities.

Those were all of the core elements of Warframe's movement system as well as how to improve your aim in game. Hopefully this helped you, whether you've tried the game before or you are just getting started.

If you want to talk more about how to improve your aim, join the community in #aim-master on Discord or feel free to reach out to me, Tactical Potato, on any of the social platforms below:

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