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How to Use Nahimic to Improve Your PC Audio Experience

Why do manufacturers like MSI choose Nahimic by SteelSeries? While hardware plays an essential part in ensuring a powerful audio experience, PC manufacturers can only do so much. With next-generation audio software, any gamer can orchestrate a stellar setup for any situation.

Introducing Nahimic

At SteelSeries, we strive to optimize audio products as much as possible. Our Nahimic Audio Processing Engine uses fine-tune 3D audio technology that supports up to 7.1 audio channels, no matter the quality and type of your audio device. With Nahimic, you will always have an immersive audio experience, letting you feel like the sound is coming from all around you. You will never miss the tread of a footstep from the moment you start using it.

The PC manufacturers carefully analyzed the market to find the best partner for making awesome sound. They chose SteelSeries.

Nahimic Audio Tutorial

Zero Noise, All Melody

Nahimic works without compromises, serving as an audio driver for your PC. Nahimic optimizes the audio engine of your PC, with easy-to-use tools for whatever situation. Whether you play games, talk with friends, or create and stream new content, this tool adapts to the situation.

Smart Profile Adapts For You

When you're done crushing your friends online, Nahimic will improve your music, conference calls, and movies, thanks to preset profiles. Simply choose the scenario you are in, and Nahimic will help you find the perfect audio experience. Instead, you can take it easy and just let our Smart Profile choose for you. In that setting, Nahimic adapts the audio profile dynamically to the software you’re using. Always get the best audio settings without having to tweak anything.

When you need it, you can get in the pilot's seat and personalize the audio experience to your specific preferences. You can decide to activate or deactivate any sound effect or get granular with our Equalizer.

Nahimic Smart Profile

Hear Crisp and Clear Dialogue

Nahimic uses a Voice boost feature to target and enhance spoken dialogue. Whether it’s a movie or the voice of your teammates during intense battles, Nahimic works in the background to improve the quality of dialogue to make sure you hear every word.

Deep Bass

Do you want to enjoy a deep, low-frequency sound that punches you in the gut like explosions, engines, or beats? Using Nahimic Bass boost enhances the low frequencies, ensuring your audio gives you the feeling of being in the fight or the audience.

Be Clairvoyant

Sometimes, hearing a specific sound can make a difference in a game. Feel like you can see the future thanks to the Treble boost feature, which attunes to the detailed sounds of a game. By enhancing the high frequencies, listen to quiet footsteps, whistles, or other sound cues, which could make that split-second difference to win in an FPS.

Stabilize the Sharp Volume Changes

If you hate it when audio suddenly shifts as you move from dialogue to loud explosions, we have you covered. Our volume stabilizer maintains constant audio even when the game setting changes, minimizing the impact of sharp volume changes that kill your focus, keeping you ready for action.

Nahimic Volume Stabilizer

Win the Battle with our Personalized Sound

If you’re a real audio geek, you can personalize your audio experience by adjusting the Nahimic Equalizer. Adapt the audio in your games to your needs and give yourself an advantage.
For example, if you play Apex Legends, Nahimic's gaming audio expert recommends trying the following settings in Equalizer, which enhances the sounds of footsteps to help spot enemies.

Nahimic Equalizer

Nahimic works to continuously improve the audio signal processing and audio driver performance. It ensures you have a better gaming experience with immersive 3D audio and engaging features. If you want to know more about Nahimic 3 features, you can check this video out:

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