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Getting to Rank 1 in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG is an easy game to play, but difficult to master. There are a ton of things you need to account for if you’re thinking of becoming a legitimate threat in the long run. I’m here to help explain some tips and tricks that will give you a huge advantage and help your climb on the leaderboards!

Be pre-prepared:

PUBG lobby plane In the load-in lobby, look up in the sky and locate the plane. There is a (tiny) pre-drop airplane in the sky and you can guess which direction it will fly based on where it is facing. This is good to have ahead of time to take that minute to discuss strategy with your team or get a mental game going.

Where to drop:

When dropping from the plane, split the map in half (north-south). You want to drop either in front of players or away from players. Zharki/Severny area is my primary choice to go to because of the lack of risk and maximum loot. Zharki spawns a heavy amount of Medication and LVL 3 gear with the smallest amount of risk of death. It can be a long drive back, but it spawns boats and vehicles in a fair amount.

Early game:

PUBG vehicle spawns Locate a vehicle, stat. There are detached garages that usually spawn vehicles near almost every bridge. Get to know where they are and drop as close as possible. Take care to look around when parachuting. You can see vehicle spawns ~500 meters away on the chute and you can peek into detached garages easy on the way down.

To pick up, or not to pick up:

Know your backpack weight limits and how much you need to carry for meds and ammo. No more than 10 bandages, 5 First Aids and 3 of each booster (painkiller and energy drink). For ammo, 140 Stacks of 5.56 and 7.62 will last you the whole game. I carry 180 9mm and an UMP for god-tier CQB. Vests add about a lvl 1 backpack worth of carrying capacity, so ALWAYS pick up any armor you find. Loot a few smokes and frags to bunker players in shacks and houses.

Mid game:

Wootystyle motorcycle

Once done looting, the most dangerous part of any PUBG round is the midgame/transition. You need to take routes that keep you the safest but gets you where you need to go the fastest. Avoid motorcycles unless it is the only mode of transport or you can get to another vehicle fast.

Get to cover:

Hard cover should always be a priority. Shacks are ok, but you can die to aggressive play easier than in a 2 story house. Take time to look around for vehicles, open doors through windows or dead bodies before you enter a house.

Take fights you can win:

Wootystyle kill Do not push players because you’re bored or scared of a circle closing. You need to prioritize your survival and fight only to ensure a long game. Giving away position and utility because there's an “easy” fight can get you killed.

Late game:

Last but not least, endgame. The general rule of thumb is “move first, die first.” While the blue circle can hurt, you can outplay players by waiting for it to move. Trust your ability to move and get positioning even if the blue is coming. Take care to always go full boost (1 painkiller and 1 energy drink, or 2 energy drinks) before you move in any blue situation.

Wootystyle getting Rank 1

With these tips (and lots of practice) you may just find yourself scoring more chicken dinners and climbing in rank. Good luck out there!