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How to Win the Gulag in Warzone 3.0

The Gulag is a crucial element in Warzone, and the new version in Season 1 presents some opportunities for you to gain an edge.

No one ever wants to head to the Gulag in Call of Duty: Warzone, but it’s inevitable that you will end up there at some point or another. The new iteration of Warzone has introduced a fresh Gulag that follows a similar design to the versions that came before it. However, you are able to win the Gulag in a new way now and you also have some other factors to consider when trying to best your opponent.

In this guide, we will show you how to win the Gulag in Warzone and some tips and tricks that should make your Gulag win rate skyrocket.

How to win the Gulag in Warzone

Gulag warzone

First and foremost, we need to go over the different ways to leave the Gulag alive so you can spawn back into your match of Warzone. There are technically three different ways you can emerge from the Gulag victorious, which are listed below:

  1. You kill the enemy
  2. The enemy kills themselves
  3. Climb on the rope in the center of the map and ascend out of the Gulag once the in-game timer has reached zero

The most common way you will win the Gulag is through killing the enemy yourself, although there are some instances where an enemy might light themselves on fire with a Molotov and do the job for you. However, the third way is the most intriguing and it’s the new element in the Gulag this year.

Once the timer has reached zero, the rope in the middle of the map will let any player climb on it and ascend out of the map. Of course, during this whole process, the other player will attempt to shoot the player trying to leave the map via the rope, so it’s a risky venture for whoever gives it a try.

If neither player has killed one another or attempted to ascend on the rope once the timer has reached zero, the Gulag will end and neither player will be allowed to respawn in the Warzone match. So it’s in your best interest to be proactive with either attacking your enemy or trying to escape the Gulag.

Tips and tricks to win the Gulag in Warzone

Warzone gulag victory

Now that you know all of the ways the Gulag can end, it’s time we went over some tips that should help you stay alive and deal with your opponent in the most efficient way possible. Look below for our list of tips that we, sadly, accumulated through plenty of time in the Gulag:

  1. Always check the weaponry at your disposal — It might sound obvious, but there have been many times we went into a Gulag and our weapon was set to semi-auto instead of fully-auto, which threw off the entire fight. You want to ensure you know what weapon you have in your hand, how it works, and what weapon you have as your secondary.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use your equipment — Again, this one might sound obvious but your equipment is something you can easily forget in the heat of battle. Sometimes, a Molotov, Flash Grenade, or Smoke Grenade can be the difference between winning and losing. More often than not, the Gulag player that uses their equipment the best, wins the fight.
  3. Push up to the outer part of the middle area of the map — Arguably the best strategy to use when the Gulag is starts to pick either the right or left side of the map and immediately push one of those lanes. However, you don’t want to overextend, as the enemy might be waiting for you. Instead, you want to sit and survey the map from the outer part of the middle area. You can see the entire map if you position yourself right, which might allow you to hit the first shots.
  4. Don’t go for the rope right away — It might seem tempting to simply go to the rope and ascend out of the Gulag, but more often than not, the enemy is simply waiting for you to make the first move so they can shoot you as you attempt to make your escape. What you want to do is only go for the rope at the last possible second; in the time leading up to this point, stand near the rope and wait for the enemy to possibly make the first move. You can also use your equipment to stop the enemy from shooting at you if you do try and escape.

And those are our tips and tricks for surviving the Gulag in Warzone. You will definitely still lose some fights, but hopefully with these tips, you will be able to take out the enemy and respawn a majority of the time. If you want to up your game outside of the Gulag, check out our list of the top five guns to use in Warzone so you can dominate the enemy on Urzikstan as well.

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