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How to Join the Back 4 Blood Open Beta

Here's how you can join the Back 4 Blood Open Beta, beginning on October 12.

If you've been sorely missing the zombie-slaying antics games like Left 4 Dead afforded to us in the early 2000s, you've got something awesome to look forward to. Enter Back 4 Blood, the closest thing we've got to the classic gameplay we experienced when Valve first debuted its addictive 4-player adventure. While the full game has yet to be released, you can jump in and give Back 4 Blood a try during its upcoming Open Beta period, starting on October 12. If you're interested in seeing what the game has to offer, we've got a handy guide for everything you need to know about joining below. Get ready to lay the smackdown on some zombies!

What Will the Back 4 Blood Beta Be Available On?

You'll be able to play Back 4 Blood on all platforms the game is releasing on. That includes Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. So even if you haven't gotten your hands on the newest generation of consoles just yet, you won't have to be left out of the loop.

When Does the Back 4 Blood Open Beta Start and End?

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta kicks off on August 12 at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET. It won't last indefinitely, however, so make sure you're ready to jump in when it becomes available if you don't want to miss out. From there, the open beta will be available through August 16 at 12 PM/3 PM ET, so you'll need to play your heart out before it goes away once more.

A group of survivors is poised to take on the zombie threat.Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

How to Get Into the Back 4 Blood Open Beta

The earliest portion of the Back 4 Blood beta has now come and gone. Now the Open Beta will be welcoming anyone who wants to play, regardless of platform or access status. You don't need any special code or anything to get in. You just need to wait for the Open Beta to begin and you can jump in at any time to play with your friends.

Previously, for the Early Access portion of the game, you had to have preordered the game on any platform. You would have been sent a code to play in the open beta. That would have been the best way to get early access. Otherwise you could have opted for watching a 1-hour stream of Back 4 Blood on Twitch when the Open Beta begins.

Is the Back 4 Blood Open Beta cross-play?

Yes! So if you want to play on PS5 and your friend is playing on PC, you can both enjoy Back 4 Blood together without having to worry about changing platforms. The same will go for the full game, when it releases in full on October 12.

Now, get out there and start putting some zombies down. They aren't going to eliminate themselves, after all.

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