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How to Customize Your Display Name in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Learn how to customize your display name in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout so you can show the world your own unique style when you take home those well-deserved Crowns.

Everyone is buzzing about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and for good reason. It's colorful, zany, and an addictive challenge that you'll want to defeat each and every one of your friends at.

When you win or get knocked out, hence the name of the game, your name will be shown for everyone playing – either your glory or your shame, at least. What better way to leave your mark than to customize your handle to make it the most memorable bit of text possible?

We've got all the info here to help you customize your name so that when it shows up in front of everyone, you can beam proudly...or shrink back and wish you had leapt a little further to cross that finish line.

How to customize your display name in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

A group of Fall Guys play a game of soccer with an oversized ball.Source: Steam

If you're interested in customizing your name in Fall Guys, you've got a lot of options in front of you. You can change the color and size of your name, highlight certain characters, go bold, and even add some crazy fonts – it's up to you.

As long as you're on Steam, you can inject a bit of HTML to change up the way your name looks. This means including some special hex codes to change up the color of the text you're using, as discovered by Steam user krowplex (via GameRanx).

If you want to change the color of your display name, change your actual Steam name itself to include these snippets of text. For example, to change your name to purple, here's what your Steam name needs to look like:


It's a rudimentary change, but it feels good to roll out with the edits you've made, especially if you end up bagging a win.

Color codes for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Several of the Fall Guys jockey for position, including one wearing a colorful pirate uniform.Source: Steam

Here are all the codes you can use to change the color of your display name as it's shown in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Red: <#F00>

Yellow: <#FF0>

Blue: <#00F>

Purple: <#A0F>

Cyan: <#0FF>

Dark Purple: <#90F>

Pink: <#F0F>

Light-Pink: <#A57>

Alt Blue: <#05F>

Green: <#0F0>

Orange: <#F90>

Text formatting codes for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

You can also add the symbols <i> to italicize as well as <b> to bold and so on. Here's a cheat sheet to some of the ways you can change your name.

Bold: <b>

Italics: <i>

Underline: <u>

Size: <size=###>

Highlight: <mark>

If you're not happy with the way your name looks, just keep trying new combinations until you are. You can use these same tricks in a bevy of other non-Fall Guys titles on Steam, but some will not display the code while others will.

Now, your goal is to collect as many Crowns as humanly possible. If you need help brushing up on your Fall Guys game, we've got you covered there, too.

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