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How To Check Your Genshin Impact Purchase History

How much money have you spent on Genshin Impact? Here's how to find out.

If you're curious about how much cash you've spent in Genshin Impact, we've got answers for you. Genshin Impact is all about setting players up to buy goodies when their heart desires it in-game (especially new characters), so you can start racking up expenses pretty quickly.

If you play a lot of free games with in-game purchases and microtransactions, this is always a good way to slow down and think about how much money you're spending. Or if you don't care and just want to have a record so you remember what you have and don't have. Either way, that part's up to you.

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has not made this a simple process like other developers (Riot Games comes to mind with its relatively simple League of Legends process). There isn't an official way for you to look at all your purchases in one record. But there is a workaround, and we'll let you know how to go about it.

How to check your Genshin Impact purchases

A group of characters in Genshin Impact playing merrily.Source: miHoYo

If you're looking to find out your purchase history on Genshin Impact, you may be a bit disappointed. Unfortunately, developer miHoYo hasn't offered a particular way to do this just yet. Since all purchases are typically made through third-party companies, miHoYo doesn't track purchases the way you'd normally expect.

But that doesn't mean you're left without any way to see how much money you've spent trying to get your favorite character. There's still a way you can do it, even if it isn't the most optimal path to finding out how much cash you've spent on nabbing that cool-looking party member.

A Genshin Impact character looks ahead, seemingly confused as to why there's no way to check your purchase history.Source: miHoYo

You're going to have to do an old-fashioned bank account search. If you want to know how much money you've put into Genshin Impact, it'll be a boon for you to have an online banking account or a checking account that you keep up to date with a physical checkbook or other way to track purchases.

You'll have to do a search on your online banking account by name or search terms. Search for "miHoYo" or "Genshin" or "Genshin Impact" or some combination thereof. This might take some doing, especially if you don't know what dates you spent money on or what your bank's purchase origin abbreviations look like.

Since there's no built-in way to check what you've bought, you'll have to look through your transaction records and look up what you've purchased. Add it all up with a calculator for the fastest way to see your total.

Now, let's hope miHoYo introduces some easier way to do this in the future!

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