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Glory Stories - MOBA Week

In our weekly edition of Glory Stories, let's take a look at some stories submitted from the community regarding MOBA titles. For Glory!

MOBA is a great game genre, with lots of great memories to be shared between friends. It's a chance for ourselves to prove our skills in an arena against players. Whether it's your most impressive multi-skill or sweetest memory, we want to hear from you.

Through our social media channels, such as the SteelSeries Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we've asked you for your favorite memories from MOBA games. We've picked our favorites to spotlight for Glory Stories. Game On!

League of Legends

From @maciej_dziechciarewicz

That must have felt awesome!

Dota 2

From @bigdaddy_cartor

Wow, that's actually quite the feat to accomplish in Dota 2. That's pretty impressive!

LoL Pentakill

From @n_blazevski

Your first Pentakill is always the most memorable one!

League of Legends

From @curious_jeweler

That's so wholesome and amazing. Congrats you two!

League of Legends jungling.

From @dominic.dbelen

Well, hopefully you found a less stressful role! And maybe better teammates.

Dota 2 rampage

From @vasuag2602

What a boss! That's awesome. You can capture crazy moments like this using the Moments app, by the way.

Remember, we've got tons of codes to giveaway, so keep coming back every week as we celebrate other genres! Game On!

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