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Elden Ring: How to Find the Spirit Calling Bell

The Lands Between are austere and brutal. Find the Spirit Calling Bell for some much-needed assistance.

In Elden Ring, FromSoftware's newest and most grandiose adventure yet, you don't have to explore the entirety of the Lands Between on your own. That should come as a pleasant surprise, as the game can be relentless in its pursuit to keep you down (like most Souls games). Thanks to one particularly awesome new feature, you're able to summon NPCs and friendly comrades using the Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell. 

The Spirit Calling Bell an item that's ridiculously easy to miss early on in the game, though you can purchase it after you've progressed much further through the game. But you'll want to have it at your disposal as soon as possible if you want to make it through much of Elden Ring without a massive handicap. As a Tarnished, you're already facing what feel like insurmountable odds. Let's go over how to obtain the Spirit Calling Bell to make your journey a bit more passable.

How to find the Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring

How to navigate to the Church of Elleh.

Your search for the Spirit Calling Bell begins at the Church of Elleh's Site of Grace. Head to the Stranded Graveyard, and go north as soon as you make it to the main world. Move east on the main path to travel to the Gatefront Ruins. There's a Site of Grace here at both sides of the ruins. Rest your weary bones at either Site of Grace and the mysterious young lady Melina in her flowing black robe will materialize.

Melina has an offering for you: your spectral steed, Torrent. Once you've acquired this horse, arguably the most nimble in the game, be sure to rest until nightfall at the Site of Grace near Melina. Return to the Church of Elleh, and speak to the witch named Renna there. When you speak to her, she'll ask you if you can summon Torrent. Reply "yes" to her inquiry. When you've done so, she will gift you with the Spirit Calling Bell as well as the Lone Wolf Ashes.

Obtaining the Spirit Calling Bell from Melina.

It's important that you visit Renna early on in your quest to become Elden Lord. At some pint, she will cease to wait around for you at the Church of Elleh. If this happens, you aren't completely out of luck. You'll have to purchase the Spirit Calling Bell later at Roundtable Hold from the Twin Husks merchant. Unfortunately, it will be some time before you'll be able to do that. It's best to get the item early on.

The Spirit Calling Bell will help you summon som useful assistance from spectral beings on your journey. They'll make for some excellent decoys when fighting difficult bosses, so if you tend to have trouble with Elden Ring's combat, this is a must-have item.

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