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20 Easy Recipes from Your Favorite Games

Put away that 23rd brick of instant noodles and cook up one of these easy-to-make recipes with ingredients you already have (or are easy to find).

When it comes to cooking drool-worthy food from games, look no further than Victoria Rosenthal, author of Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook, Destiny: The Official Cookbook, and creator of video game themed food blog Pixelated Provisions.

We asked Victoria to help us put together a list of her 20 most simple recipies with easy-to-find ingredients. She was even kind enough to provide us with some additional notes and tips if your pantry is a little bare.


Ring Fit has a large variety of smoothies and a few other items for your character to carry on each venture. Each of the items will boost your character in some way. It could be something as simple as additional health or one that will make all the exercises you do become a specific color for the purposes of defeating enemies. One of the early recipes you have access to is a strawberry smoothie, obtainable in World 4.

A strawberry smoothie in a glass with a straw and strawberry garnish, as well as the game logo and strawberry smooth art from "Ring Fit Adventure"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • Almond milk can be replaced with any kind of milk

Find the full recipe here RING FIT ADVENTURE: STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE, and enjoy slurping up an IRL character boost!


Rivellon is a world filled with adventure and many different tasty treats. One that I’ve been thinking about making for some time now is the Dwarven Stew. The in-game recipe is relatively light and requires a protein and beer. I immediately thought about a Belgian style stew that I had made a handful of times that would totally fit these requirements. This recipe is a meaty stew combined with the flavors of onion, brown sugar, and a Belgian style beer.

A bowl of beef stew and noodles, as well as the in-game dwarven stew art from "Divinity Original Sin 2"

Additional tips from Victoria:

  • The alcohol can be replaced with another dark ale (the flavor will be different).
  • This strew goes well with egg noodles.

Warm the cockles of your dwarven heart and find the full recipe here DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN 2: DWARVEN STEW.


The Witcher 3 does an amazing job of including many food elements in the game. Since many of the treats are heavily inspired by Polish cuisine, I’ve been excited to dig into my roots and explore my options.

An open-face ham sandwich, as well as the in-game ham art from "Witcher 3"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • Many of the ingredients can be easily swapped to accommodate for this recipe.

Embrace your inner Geralt and grunt your way over to the full recipe here THE WITCHER 3: HAM SANDWICH.


One of the first foods mentioned in Golf Story is when your father ask if you would like a sausage roll. Of course, you never get one because young Lucky manages to ruin that moment by stealing from the car and yelling “Sucked In!” This was when I first thought I might enjoy this game. Sausage rolls are not a thing I have ever really had. Typically here in the States, we have pigs-in-a-blanket or pretzel dogs. After a bit of research I noticed a traditional sausage roll was ground meat, typically pork, seasoned similarly to a sausage and then wrapped in puff pastry.

3 sausage rolls on a plate with gold tees and balls in the background

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The ground pork can be replaced with another ground meat.

Getting sausage rollin' with the full recipe here GOLF STORY: SAUSAGE ROLL.


Every time I look at the food from Final Fantasy XV, I drool. Square Enix did an amazing job of creating in-game items that look as delicious as the real world equivalent. The addition of cooking as a system really enhanced the believability of this group of boys traveling around the world.

Meat, eggplant, and lettuce sandwich on a plate, as well as the in-game sandwich art from "Final Fantasy XV"

Enjoy your maximum HP increase! Full recipe here FINAL FANTASY XV: MULTI-MEAT SANDWICH.


This recipe is very easy and delicious. I believe it is the best recipe for a fan of Battle Chef Brigade to start their own adventures in the kitchen.

A roasted chicken on a plate garnished with lime, as well as the in-game chicken art from "Battle Chef Brigade"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The tarragon can be omitted if not found.



My go to dip is an artichoke dip. The combination of cream cheese and artichoke is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. I could sit and eat this whole dip in one sitting but that would be a very bad idea for my health and probably everyone around me. This recipe is extremely easy and delicious.

A casserole pot filled with artichoke dip, as well as the in-game dip art from "Stardew Valley"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • This dip can be enjoyed with chips or toasted baguettes

It may be tempting, but don't eat it all in one sitting. Find the recipe here STARDEW VALLEY: ARTICHOKE DIP.


It is one of the earlier recipes you learn to cook in Guild Wars 2. That means it is not a meta consumable for any endgame activities, but it is easy and delicious to make. The hardest part is waiting for the meat to marinade before you can cook it.

A bowl of sliced beef and vegetables with chopsticks, as well as the in-game pepper steak art from "Guild Wars 2"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The fish sauce can be omitted

Are you guilty of stockpiling MMO foods that sound tasty, even if they don't make sense for your character? Find the full recipe here GUILD WARS 2: PEPPER STEAK.


Thanks to inspiration from Ignis’ Nebula Salmon Teriyaki and after many personal attempts, I have found my fullproof salmon recipe. I have shared this recipe with a few friends who were looking to start cooking with fish. They weren’t fans of fish but they were very happy with the end result. Even those with kids had great success with this meal.

3 teriyaki salmon skewers, as well as the in-game salmon skewers from "Final Fantasy XV"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • This is a great recipe for people cooking fish for the first time

Embrace your inner adventurer and eat it right off the skewer while sitting in front of a fire. Full recipe here FINAL FANTASY XV: NEBULA SALMON TERIYAKI.


I decided to start my Final Fantasy XV culinary adventure with one of Ignis’ first known recipes, the croque madame. This sandwich is traditionally a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, covered in bechamel and additional cheese, baked, and finally topped with a fried egg. I know, ridiculous sounding right? The version Ignis makes seems to be an open faced version of the sandwich, so one slice of bread rather than two. We will be staying true to Ignis’ version while still creating the elements needed for a traditional croque madame.

A croque madame open faced sandwich, as well as the in-game croque madame from "Final Fantasy XV"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The lettuce can be omitted (it was used to copy the game image)

Whip this fancy sandwich up for someone special (you). Full recipe here FINAL FANTASY XV: CROQUE MADAME.

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One of the food items in Starbound is a meatwich. One of the weird things about the meatwich was the description. Not only is the inside filled with meat but the buns are made of meat too. I can only imagine what a bun comprised full of meat would taste like but I took a different approach. I went with a pretzel bun because it is, in my opinion, the “meatiest” bread out there. But the inside of this recipe is a meat lover’s dream with a hidden dose of vegetables. I highly recommend throwing on some horseradish for an extra delicious meatwich!

Saucy ground meat on a pretzel hamburger bun, as well as the in-game meatwich art from "Starbound"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The ground beef can be replaced with another ground meat

Honor the memory of meatwich and find the full recipe here STARBOUND: MEATWICH.


As my character is having a hard time scraping things together, my stomach tends to chime in with a grumble. Making food in the game makes me think of all the delicious things I could be eating. But of course I’ll continue playing because the game has my complete attention. One of the most popular foods to make in game is the meatball. In order to stay true to the recipe in the game, I had to use both meat and vegetables. An easy vegetable to find in the game are carrots. For the protein, I decided to go with turkey even though turkeys in Don’t Starve are such jerks.

A bowl with 3 meatballs covered in tomato sauce, as well as the in-game meatball art from "Don't Starve"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The ground turkey can be replaced with another ground meat.

Don't starve, literally. Find the full recipe here DON’T STARVE: MEATBALLS.


Some days I feel lazy but want something delicious. One meal I often turn to in this situation is a caprese salad. This is one of the first gourmet recipes you unlock in the Sims 4. I find it silly this recipe is locked out until your Sim has been cooking for a while. The recipe is so simple you could probably do it with your eyes closed. The hardest part of this recipe is not eating the sliced items by themselves before you finish assembling it.

A caprese salad on a plate, as well as the in-game caprese art from "The Sims 4"

This simple salad is one of life's little pleasures. Find the full recipe here THE SIMS 4: CAPRESE.


While I usually try to stay true to a game’s list of ingredients, I wasn’t sure where I could pick up mole meat and wouldn’t suggest even if I could find it. If you want to be adventurous, go ahead, but I at least have a delicious vegetarian recipe to make sure you don’t starve!

A bowl of guacamole, as well as in the in-game guacamole from "Don't Starve"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The jalapeno can be replaced with another spicy pepper (to your liking).

Making your own guac beats overpriced restaurant guac every time. Find the full recipe here DON’T STARVE: GUACAMOLE.


Recently my husband has been playing a lot of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I’ve enjoyed watching him go through his different runs and all the madness that can happen depending on the items your character picks up. A few of the pickup are food related but none of them are human friendly. However, a few of the items are friendly for everyone’s best companion.

A bone-shaped dog treat, as well as the in-game dog treat art from "Binding of Isaac"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • Even your dog(s) need some delicious treats.

Safe for humans, but preferred by dogs. Recipe here BINDING OF ISAAC: DOG BISCUIT.


Guild Wars 2 has become a game that I load up when the living world drops and then wait patiently for the next chapter. This game is very different from all the other MMOs I have played over the last few years because I keep coming back to it pretty regularly. Not having a subscription fee to the game really helps. With all the insanity happening in the story and a new battle to prepare for, a good hearty meal is needed. What could be a better fit than some stuffed peppers?

2 stuffed red bell peppers, as well as the in-game stuffed pepper art from "Guild Wars 2"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • The ground beef can be replaced with another ground meat.

Double-click to consume. Recipe here GUILD WARS 2: STUFFED PEPPERS.


What better meal than a whole roast chicken that your enemies will happen to leave for you to enjoy? I would certainly recommend sharing it with you partner in crime; a whole chicken is a bit much for one cop! This recipe is actually pretty simple, doesn’t require much prep time or much babysitting.

A whole roasted chicken on a plate garnished with lemon, herbs, and garlic, as well as the in-game roast chicken art from "Streets of Rage"

Impress your friends and family with a perfectly roasted chicken. Recipe here STREETS OF RAGE: ROAST CHICKEN.


In the very beginning of Yuri and Estelle’s adventure, a scene plays where both character discuss the benefits of cooking and knowing a variety of recipes. As Yuri explains, “Cooking clears your mind. And it’s great for regaining your energy.” During the scene, Yuri demonstrates to Estelle how to make a sandwich with the required ingredients being bread and an egg.

A quartered egg salad sandwich, as well as the in-game egg salad sandwich art from "Tales of Vesperia"

So simple, so satisfying. Make a bunch! Recipe here TALES OF VESPERIA: EGG SALAD SANDWICH.


There is a long list of food items you can write and combine in the game to make delicious snacks. Recently my husband and I have been changing our breakfast meals to reduce cereal we are consuming. One of the new recipes I have been making is a hearty tuna salad. The main goal of this recipe is to be protein heavy and have almost no sugar. I’ve found that I prefer buying some fresh tuna and cooking it over the canned tuna. It takes a bit of extra work but the flavor elevation is worth it.

A tuna salad sandwich on a plate, as well as the in-game tuna sandwich art from "Scribblenauts Unlimited"

Additional tip from Victoria:

  • This sandwich is great for breakfast.

Want to taste good tuna salad? Here's the full recipe here SCRIBBLENAUTS UNLIMITED: TUNA SANDWICH.


In The World End With You, they describe the set as a chocolate chip muffin with a plain muffin. While coming up with the recipe for this I decided a plain muffin sounded a bit too boring and wanted a nice savory muffin to compliment the chocolate chip muffin. During the week I was developing these recipes, a coworker’s chive garden was ready for picking and I managed to get my hands on some. I knew at that moment I was meant to make some cheddar and chive muffins.

2 different muffins, as well as the in-game muffin art from the game "The World Ends With You"

Fresh-baked savory and sweet muffins 🤤. Get the full recipe here THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU: MUFFIN SET.

Thanks again so much to Victoria for creating this great list of simple recipes. We hope you're inspired to make some delicious grub for yourself or your loved ones.

Find even more of her awesome game-inspired recipes (including more advanced ones) over at Pixelated Provisions, follow her Pixelated Provisions Twitter or Pixelated Provisions Twitch channel, or join the Pixelated Provisions Discord server to connect with gaming food fans!

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