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Dota 2 Patch 7.33 - 10 Changes You Missed

The ground has shaken, the map has expanded, and new objects emerged. Patch 7.33 is here, and there are so many changes, you probably missed some.

The world of Dota 2 has changed forever with the arrival of 7.33, which seems basically like the biggest content update ever. The map has been reworked pretty dramatically, and there are many changes to almost every aspect of the game. We've handpicked a few changes to explain them and highlight things you may have missed.

10. Tome of Knowledge is gone.

Dota 2 Wisdom Rune

No more having to queue up a Tome to steal one or argue over them. And you also won't ever again be too poor to buy one!

Instead, look to the Wisdom Runes, which start spawning at minute 7, by each base. They can definitely be stolen by the enemy, so grab one before it is too long. They will continue stacking their EXP bonus.

9. Outposts don't give experience anymore.

Dota 2 Outpost

A subtle outpost change. They no longer give EXP passively, which probably makes sense, since each team starts with 2 on their side now. There is a new total of 4 outposts on the map. All they do now is provide a spot to teleport. Note that they don't give True Sight anymore, either! Each team has an outpost by one of the Roshan pits for a convenient gank.

8. Everyone is faster at night...

But heroes get twice the buff! Given that the map is expanded, for added mobility, all units get 15 bonus movespeed. Heroes get 30 more, but while not actively in combat.

My Hoodwink had near max movespeed at night just while using Scurry and having Arcane Boots!

7. Barriers are calculated AFTER damage resistances.

Dota 2 patch notes

Having a Glimmer Cape (base 25% damage resistance, increased by 5% this patch) and Pipe of Insight (another 25% base, reduced from 30%) will make you able to withstand a ton of magic damage when you use the active abilities. Together, they give 750 magic barrier, but that amount is reduced over 60% magic resistance that your hero will have! Buying magic resistance items in the right situations is worth more than ever before.

With both items active, a level 3 Finger of Death from Lion did only 313 damage instead of 850! Leaving my hero with 437 magic barrier!

6. Kobold from the Shovel is your friend now.

The Kobold that you can dig up from the Shovel neutral item becomes your controllable unit. Just like his real neutral version, you get a gold-per-minute aura buff! 20 GPM. The kobold only lives for a minute, though.

5. Item stocks are individual.

Dota 2 items

Something that I was confused about a bit myself. Consumables now come in stocks: Clarities, Mangoes, Tangoes, etc. At first, I thought it was a team stock, but that's just your personal one. So don't worry about "hogging" those mangoes. I suppose this can limit the power of Undying a bit, eh.

4. Some of your beloved recipes changed.

I really liked making Octarine Core from my Aether Lens, but that's no longer the case. The item is cheaper overall (4600), but one common way to make it I've seen is from Vanguard, since it has the Vitality Booster.

Refresher Orb now needs two Cornucopias, not Perserverances. Holy Locket enjoyers, adjust from breaking down your Arcane Boots, since now the item needs Diadem. But it will give you a hefty +10 to all stats.

3. Get that Crimson Guard. No more Wraith Pact.

Dota 2 Crimson Guard

Crimson Guard seemed pretty overlooked previously, but that's no longer the case. I've seen a Keeper of the Light 5 build it the other day, and it seemed quite successful. Giving the team physical damage block helps a ton with survivability.

Do build it on a Strength hero, though, because the on-use effect scales with the Strength stat.

Also note that Wraith Pact is straight-up gone from the game. Perhaps the physical resistance would be too much with other sources of damage block. There are enough aura items, anyway.

2. There's the Block of Cheese.

This video perfectly illustrates a new secret item in Dota 2, Block of Cheese. You need to gather many lotuses and then also the Cheese item from Roshan. It combines into the Block, which a hero can eat, receiving a permanent buff which gives a 500 physical damage barrier. It recharges very quickly, but not while attacked by an enemy hero. You need many Greater Healing Lotuses (made from 9 regular Lotuses), so it's not an easy task.

1. Get the enemy's Tormentor!

Dota 2 Tormentor

Tormentors are scary, new neutral creeps/objectives. They reflect all damage dealth to them, so you most often will need a lot of your team to do it. It's really worth it, though; destroying one grants an Aghanim's Shard to one of the two lowest net worth heroes on your team. Rejoice, supports! Also no need to fight over anything, since the process is automatic. I like that.

Templar Assassin, with Refraction, seems to be really good at taking a Tormentor solo. Note that they can be targeted by spells, too! Don't think of them as buildings.

The first one spawns at minute 20, by both bases. It might be hard to take theirs, but if you happen to be near their tower, do it! This is 1,400 gold, which is much more than bounty runes can give you. If everyone on your team has a Shard, each person gets 280 XP and 280 gold.

There are so many more changes to the Dota 2 7.33 patch, we can't possibly fit them all here. Make sure to look over the Dota 2 patch notes for more information. And get back in your lane!

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