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Custom QcK+ Guide (US Only)

Enjoy the legendary performance of the cloth QcK+ mousepad, custom printed with the design of your choice. Surprise a friend with their favorite photo, show off your team's logo at LANs, or print your favorite work of art for everyone to see.

Introducing the Custom QcK+

The initial phase is US only. We are exploring ways to bring an affordable and quality solution internationally.Mouse on mousepad The ability to customize a QcK is among the most requested features from our community. After a lot of testing, we finally found a method of printing customized QcK+ mousepads that does not alter the feel or smooth glide of the QcK cloth.

Awesome, right? Now let's get started!

Step 1 - Pick an Image

3 custom mousepads side by sideNOTE: For best results, we recommend a minimum image size of 2500 x 2000 pixels. Make sure your image doesn't contain anything explicit, and that you can legally print your submitted design.

Not sure what image to use? Why not try...

  1. A high-resolution photo you've taken recently.
  2. Your team or guild logo or artwork.
  3. Fan art of your favorite show or game.
  4. Your (or a friend's) best drawing, illustration, etc.

If you're looking for high-quality, free-to-use photos, check out Unsplash. DeviantArt is a great online art gallery, but be sure to get permission from the artist before using their work!

Step 2 - Upload and Edit Your Design

Got an image? Good, now go to and click "Continue to Upload."

Select your image and wait for it to upload. The customizer tool will automatically fit the image to the mousepad, but you may resize or move the image. You can even change the color and placement of the SteelSeries logo! Make any final edits before finishing up.

Step 3 - Submit Your Custom QcK

After completing any last-minute edits, click "Finish Design" to preview your QcK+. Like what you see? Click "Approve & Buy Now" and enjoy your one-of-a-kind QcK+. Mouse on top of grapefruit mousepad