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Blindfolded CS:GO with OG and Red Bull

Blindfolded CS:GO, or playing Counter-Strike with a controller—what sounds harder to you?

Red Bull Flick is all about playing CS:GO with a twist. Usually it's Domination-style gameplay on their custom maps, but we teamed up to give OG's CS:GO team more of a challenge...

Red Bull Flick is the ultimate 2v2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, and it's back again for 2021, seeing skilled pairs of gamers battle it out in national, regional or international online qualifiers for the chance to be crowned number one. Winners will also get to challenge their CS:GO idols in the official Pro-AM competition, the Red Bull Flick Invitational Helsinki, to conclude the season.

SteelSeries is a proud sponsor of the tournament series this year. So grab a friend, check out our competitive gear recommendations, and see if you have the skills to take down the competition.