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The Best Holiday Gaming Yule Logs

Grab your hot cocoa and cozy up next to the virtual fireplace with these yule log videos from your favorite games.

Unreal Engine Holiday Yule Log

This pleasant crackling fire made using Unreal Engine is complete with snow falling outside the window, steaming mug, and much more. Gaze in wonderment at all of the precisely-rendered details. Warning: the holiday cheer ends abruptly at 21:18, and auto-play wiill catapult you into an Unreal tutorial faster than you can finish your sugar cookie.

Skyrim in-game Holiday Yule Log

While there are many Skyrim-themed yule logs, this fan-made one from Pogo's Place went the extra mile and features 8 hours of cheerful holiday music (even some jazzy tunes for you pinkie-out gamers) with various fireplace shots from the game, including a hunger-inducing array of meats slow-roasting over a cooking fire.

Nintendo Switch Lite Holiday Yule Log

Nintendo's gameplay-focused yule log is not for everyone, but might be exactly what you're looking for to recreate the feeling of playing a new game on Christmas morning.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Holiday Yule Log

While more of a campfire than a yule-log This Zelda-themed version superimposes 1 hour of Breath of the Wild's gorgeous soundtrack over in-game campfire scenes from around Hyrule. Warning: emotional.

If you're looking for a more traditional Zelda fireplace, check out this unanimated fireplace from Majora's Mask, complete with Nintendo 64's tippy-tappy fire sound and the slow "ker-chunk" of the game's ticking clock.

Pokémon Holiday Yule Log

Dorkly's take on the yule log features a napping 8-bit Charmander, Sudowoodo tree, and portrait of Gary, Red, and Professor Oak. There are some cute (but rather loud) suprises throughout, so don't try to sleep during this one. Also, +100000 points for the Bulbasaur cameos.

Hades Holiday Yule Log

This House of Hades yule log was just released this week, and features a charming, rapidly crackling hell-fueled fire to unwind with between escape attempts. Monitor enthusiasts and those with no regard for their internet usage can choose to crank the video up to 4K quality for all 12 hours.

World of Warcraft Holiday Yule Log

This fanmade WoW yule log features 1st person views of fires around Azeroth, with calm and ambient in-game music, perfect for any WoW players who for some reason were forced away from their computer and unable to be actively playing World of Warcraft.

Minecraft Holiday Yule Log

Minecraft's official yule log features a crackling smoky fire in a cozy holiday-decorated room. Lose yourself in the steadily falling snow outside, and know that I watched the entire 2 hours just to make sure that there are no Creeper jump scares.

SteelSeries Holiday Yule Log

Even we have a holiday yule log! The SteelSeries version features company-mascot Lars enjoying a drink and a holiday card in front of a snappy fire and Christmas tree.

Warning: Slightly less peaceful (some would even say disturbing) yule log content below.

Hearthstone Murloc Holiday Yule Log

We all know this one is going to be weird almost immediately. The entire 53 minute video features the wet and grunty sounds of World of Warcraft's Murlocs "mrglmrglmrglmrgl"-ing to holiday tunes as additional decorations are added to the Hearthstone-inspired fireplace. Between each song, a Murloc walks across the screen and gets the next song started. I appreciate the dedication to creating nearly an hour of Murlock holiday songs.

Overwatch / Jeff Kaplan Holiday Yule Log

Speaking of slightly disturbing yet creative yule logs, here is Overwatch's game director Jeff Kaplan sitting in front of a virtual fireplace for 8 straight hours in 2019, which he also did in 2017. He tinkers with the tree, gets attacked by a microphone, drinks boba tea, plays on a Switch, and builds Overwatch toys, but for the majority of the entire 8 hour recording, he simply sits in his chair silently staring directly into your soul.

This yule log video perfectly walks the line between comfortable and very uncomfortable. Someone kindly created a highlight video of "only the parts where Jeff Kaplan does something", if the constant staring is too much for you.

AVGN's Holiday Yule Log

I have no idea what is happening here, but I think I like it. Cheerful holiday 8-bit music plays while the AVGN team throws game cartridges into a fire. The video disclaimer states that "No expensive games were harmed in the making of this video. Fake labels were printed onto blank cartridge shells, blank CDs. Fake NES."

Hardcore Gamer Holiday Yule Log

Here's Hard Drive's "Hardcore Gamer" crackling yule log featuring a Gamecube console decked out with Swiss army knife, a lit lighter, a cigarette in the player 2 hole, a hammer, and a kitchen knife. I'm definitely not hardcore enough for this. I'm going back to the Hades one.

I hope this list hopes you find the right yule log to accompany your holiday gaming so you can ring in the new year with big plays and fond memories.

Happy holidays, friends <3