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Best Gear for Horror Games - Gear up, Game On

Immerse yourself with the best sound quality and great gear. Run. Hide. Scream! Repeat.

We're kicking off the 13th week of Game On with a fitting theme: horror! Whether you're a Resident Evil veteran, an Amnesia: The Dark Descent Survivor, or Luigi's Mansion is more your speed, we love all kinds of horror. Get ready to celebrate Dead by Daylight and other titles this week. While you do that, check out our recommendations to properly immerse yourself in this climatic genre.

Each week throughout the summer, as we celebrate various game genres, we have millions of free codes to giveaway through our SteelSeries Game On page, in addition to our Horror Gleam giveaways, so make sure to stay tuned to our channels.

Fully Immerse Yourself with the Arctis Nova 3

Arctis Nova 3 Gaming headset.

Sound is extremely important in horror games. Whether that's about picking up on the subtle cues of movement of a creature about to end your life, or enjoying every aspect of the soundscape designed to immerse you, high quality is a must. Playing with headphones in the dark is the way to go, and the Arctis Nova 3 gaming headset is your ideal companion.

First, the quality of your game sound will be excellent, thanks to the Nova Acoustic System, which features our special High Fidelity Drivers. These make sure to pump crystal-clear audio into your ears, ensuring you hear every last detail (particularly good when paired with our Sonar Software app).

Other than excellent sound, a stand-out feature of the Nova 3 is the RGB lighting. Out of our Nova headsets, this is the only one to have such a feature. Sport your signature color (perhaps your only shining beacon in the dark while you're chased by the big bad), adjusting it using Engine, which also has the PrismSync feature, which means that it can be synchronized with your other devices.

Lastly, don't forget the fact that comfort is important while engaging in long sessions. That's why we designed the new Nova headsets with the most comfortable features yet. With 4 points of adjustment, this ultra-lightweight headset feels like it's not even there over long sessions.

Make the Best Soundstage with the Arena 3

Arena 3 gaming speakers

Maybe you're the type who doesn't want to confine the sound to your ears, and you prefer to let it all out (or maybe you play horror games with friends?). The Arena 3 gaming speakers are perfect for that.

The Arena 3 comes with a duo of speakers that feature 4" drivers that emit crystal-clear highs, vibrant mids, and powerful lows, the full range of sound that you need while experiencing the spooky. These connect easily to whatever device you need with a 3.5mm cable, but they also have Bluetooth for a convenient connection with your phone or other devices. You'll also easily be able to toggle between your wired headset without the need to swap cables.

All the controls for the speaker are easily accessible within reach: volume as well as a multifunctional button for muting, BT pairing, headset and LED toggling. With adjustable tilt stands, the Arena 3 speakers are easy and convenient to use.

Lastly, don't forget that you can also adjust all aspects of outgoing sound with Sonar Software, which includes a 10-band Parametric EQ, a pro-level tool.

Point and Click to Safety with the Aerox 5 Wireless

Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Lots of horror games require clicking the mouse and solving various puzzles. First-person horror is enormously popular. For that, the Aerox 5 Wireless gaming mouse checks all the boxes. It's extremely fast, ultra lightweight, water-and-dust resistant, and also colorful.

Why is it important for a gaming mouse to be lightweight? Well, mainly for the comfort of use and health. It's just easier to use and move a lighter mouse, when it's not weighing down your hand. I'd also expect RPG sessions to be generally pretty long and using a heavy mouse can be pretty straining on the hand and wrist in the long run.

The Aerox 5 (both wireless and wired, by the way) come with AquaBarrier™ technology, which is IP54 rated. This means any accidental spills of water as well as dust, dirt, and similar won't have an effect on the longevity of the product. It's like having elemental-resist gear on.

Finally, colorful RGB complements the mouse. You can adjust it freely using Engine in the GG app and even make it sync across other SteelSeries devices, such as your Arctis Nova 3.

Get a Grip with the KontrolFreek Nightfall Kit

KontrolFreek Nightfall Kit gaming controller

For those console enjoyers, sweaty palms can be a real problem -- particularly when playing fear-inducing horror games. Worry not, we've all been there. There's a great solution from KontrolFreek in the Nightfall Kit(a rather fitting name, isn't it).

Compatible with the PS5, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch Pro (click the versions up top on the KF website to see). this Performance Kit includes thumbstick attachments that help you increase accuracy and comfort while playing. They are also good at preventing slipping. The Kit also comes with Performance Grips that attach to the sides of the controller. Made with special moisture-wicking materials, they absorb sweat to keep you cool even in the heat of the moment.

Ready to get your Game On in Horror games? Make sure to stay tuned to the SteelSeries Twitch for special streams this week and visit our Game On page for free, exclusive downloadable codes!

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