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5 Tips and Tricks to Win in Fall Guys

Need to get to the front of the pack? Try these 5 beginner tips and tricks.

What is Fall Guys?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard of this new battle royale game called “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.”

In this game, you and 59 others duke it out in a frenzy of mini-games that range from jumping place to place or memorizing specific patterns.

While most games are relatively straightforward, there are still tips and tricks that can help you achieve your first Crown!

Tip #1: Jump, Dive, Grab (and don't just fall to your death)

There are only three actions on your journey to the crown: jump, dive, and grab. Mastering all of these movements can give you an edge over the competition.

Jumping specifically is important -- get the timing/height down and you won’t lose your momentum traversing all the obstacles.

Diving is also critical as you can use it to dodge obstacles or even people as you run around the game. Diving can also push balls and other objects, but be careful! A miss can have you laying on the floor for a couple of seconds.

Last but not least, grabbing can be vital to your success. Certain games will require you to grab items, but in other mini-games, you can grab and sabotage other participants.

Fall Guys round with players funneling through a doorwayImages from Fall Guys on Steam

Tip #2: Being first doesn’t matter (in the beginning)

While being first is a great feeling, you don’t have to win the first couple of rounds to win your Crown.

Fall Guys games are usually broken up into five rounds. After each round, those who don’t qualify get eliminated.

Everyone is gunning for the first spot but in these qualifying rounds, it’s just important to place vs. potentially getting flattened by the masses trying to win.

Tip #3: Follow the leader!

It gets a little hectic sometimes, so why not follow someone who looks like they know what they’re doing?

In mini-games that require some memorization, try just following the crowd is going so you don’t have to memorize anything.

Letting others make mistakes for you will help you speed along, in levels with fake doors or floors.

Tip #4: Start hugging everyone

It’s not a secret that there are bullies in this game. A grab here and there can sabotage your chances at the crown!

However, you can only grab those who aren’t grabbing or are already being grabbed. This means that you can ‘buckle-down’ by hugging a player if you’re about to get griefed.

Time your grabs well and you’ll be able to plant your feet and escape the bullying.

Tip #5: Move your camera!

Don’t get stuck on just one view! With your mouse or right joystick, you can turn your camera and get yourself a better view of the path to take or of your opponents.

Now get out there and win some crowns!

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