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5 Reasons TEDIORE are the Best Guns in Borderlands 3

A lot of players pursue the strongest possible builds in Borderlands 3. They research the best weapons that compliment their perfectly tailored skill trees...

Alternatively, some of us like to have fun, so we insta-pick Moze the Gunner, dump all our points into the "Bottomless Mags" skill tree, and spring for every Tediore gun we can get our hands on.

(Very mild spoiler warning about some of the humor in Borderlands 3.)

Never reload again

Every Tediore gun is "toss to reload", so instead of wasting your time putting a new clip into your gun, you just throw the gun at your enemies, and a new loaded gun instantly appears in your hands. Hucking guns at your enemies (especially when it lands the killing blow) is one of the most fun things I've ever experienced in a game.

Different Tediore guns have different effects when you throw them. For example, this one apparently becomes a deadly Skag chew toy...

Bangarang XL

The Tediore legendary weapon Bangarang XL turns into a whirling shooty deathchopper when you throw it. Anyone who doesn't like this is probably allergic to fun.

"Ow, ow, ow"

Tediore guns actually have voice lines, so feel more like unique characters moreso than just non-sentient weapons.

Certain Tediore guns bounce around when thrown, shooting wildly through the air or exploding like a grenade. But listen closely and you might hear the gun saying "ow" each time it bounces. Something about the guns having voices and expressing emotion makes them relatably adorable and hilarious.


If you're unfamiliar, "yeet" is an internet exclamation (and a verb) for throwing/discarding something at a high velocity.

Think of it like yelling "KOBE!", but for distance instead of accuracy.

The first time I heard my Tediore gun yell "YEET" when I threw it, I knew I had made a good purchase.

Guns with legs yelling chasing down your foes

Some Tediore guns, upon being thrown, sprout little mechanical legs when you throw them and chase down your foes, shooting at enemies while yelling intimidations like "here comes dat boi".

Even better, you're not limited to just one gun with legs. I'm not sure at one point they max out, but if you just keep reloading/throwing guns, it's possible to have a small army of guns with legs and laser sights all yelling and chasing down your foes. The sheer hilarity of this situation is amplified when multiple teammates are all doing the same.

Don't @ me unless you also feel passionately about Tediore guns.