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5 Fates Koroks Didn’t Deserve in Tears of the Kingdom

Nintendo’s cutest sidequest yet becomes an internet hall of fame moment. The martyrs of Hyrule.

It’s obvious the Koroks are here to distract us from our main quest. Their cries for help can be easily thwarted with a reminder of how we are only here to serve their bidding. The internet has gone head first into these small puzzles in the worst way expected. The internet has gone head-first into these small puzzles in the worst way expected. I’ll admit, gamers might have gone a lil too far, and too creative.

What have you been doing to your Koroks in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Here’s a collection of the 5 worst crimes captured on film.

5. Paper Plane

Although their fate is unconfirmed, it’s very likey they were not reunited with their friend. Enjoy your flight.

4. Salem, MA 1692 colorized*

Several players have reached their limits with the demands for attention from the Koroks. No soliciting means soliciting.

3. Landslide

Their round circular shapes do them no favors on slopes. This one may be ruled as a tragic accident, yet a fate still undeserved for the poor lil’ dude.

2. Korok Space Program

Their sacrifice in the pursuit of knowledge and science will not be in vain. Twitter has been pushing new limits of TotK’s skybox, sending Koroks past spawns Sky Island, in fusion-assembled, two-staged rockets.

1. Rotisseried

I- I got nothing.

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  • No Koroks were actually harmed in any videos

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