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Meet The SteelSeries Sensei

The Sensei is our version of the grand-master in our dojo. The name fits because everything we ever learned and researched about mice, all that makes a mouse great, is exactly what we built the SteelSeries Sensei around. It is one of those rare hardware products forged by love and science, trial and error, passion from professional gamers and a desire to push the envelope. SteelSeries Sensei was born for tournament victory; it was built to help you win. Master your game. Meet the Sensei.

  • Performance
  • Laser Sensor
  • Why you’ll win


The SteelSeries Sensei is the most customizable mouse in the market. Personalize and fine tune every specification and setting from the lift distance, button functionality and CPI. Many settings can be controlled right on the mouse, like the ExactTech options. Extras like illumination, macros and more are controlled within the SteelSeries Engine.

  • Customization
  • Illumination
  • Lift Distance
  • More ExactTech

Developed with the best

We are proud to be associated with some of the best players in the world of Esports. We maintain strong relationships and have continuous dialogue with teams like Fnatic, Natus Vincere, Evil Geniuses, SK Gaming and others who help in the development and improvement of our products.

To ensure maximum performance in all gaming scenarios we enlisted help from world-class StarCraft® II, Counter-Strike, DotA 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, WarCraft® III and Doom players.

  • Design
  • LCD display
  • Buttons
  • The Feel
  • Plug, Play, Win
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Laser Sensor

- 1 to 5700 Adjustable CPI / 11400 DPCI
- 1 ms Response Rate / 1000 Hz Polling Rate
- 150 Inches Per Second (IPS)
- 30 g Acceleration


- 8 Programmable Buttons
- 16.8 M Color Illumination w. 3 Zones
- Smooth Textured Coating
- Cable Texture: Braided


- > 10 Million Click Durability

Size & Weight

- Weight: 102 g (0.22 lbs)
- Height: 38.7 mm (1.52 in)
- Width: 68.3 mm (2.69 in)
- Length: 125.5 mm (4.94 in)
- Cable Length: 2 m (6.5 ft)