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Hearing is believing

Comfort to the extreme

Any gamer can tell you that an uncomfortable headset can make even a short game of DOTA 2 feel like a torture session in one of Diablo’s dungeons. Every Siberia has been designed to eliminate that head crushing feeling and lets you focus your anger on your enemy.

Floating suspension design

That distinct look of Siberia isn’t just cool – it’s functional. The lightweight suspension headband design literally lifts the weight right off your head.

Epic ear cushions

Our headsets treat your ears like gods.  From the cool mesh of the Siberia Raw Prism to the new memory foam of the Siberia v3, Siberia v3 Prism, and H Wireless to the thick, plush “pillows” of the Siberia Elite Prism, they feel as good as they sound. We researched and selected materials for our Siberia lineup that allow your ears to breathe and prevents heat buildup. Game on.





Don't just take our word for it!

It's the little details that matter

Our obsession isn’t just great audio.  It’s great GAMING audio.  Every SteelSeries speaker profile has been fine-tuned to accentuate the important elements of your in-game audio experience. From the sound of a pistol being reloaded in a CS:GO match to the atmospheric soundtrack of Diablo 3 we ensure that you catch every detail exactly as the game developer intended.

Driving Great Sound

SteelSeries uses the latest and best technology in speaker drivers, carefully architected into acoustic chambers that deliver a wide range of listening soundscapes without any loss of clarity.  Lots of science but a simple goal – great sound.

Tweak to your Heart's Content

No two ears and no two games are alike. So we created SteelSeries Engine, available on Siberia Raw Prism, Siberia v3 Prism and Siberia Elite Prism. With its simple interface you can adjust your audio soundscape to your preference, set up gaming profiles, and change illumination options.eria models lets gamers quickly adjust volume and mute directly from your earcup. H Wireless’ settings can be fully customized without you ever leaving your seat.  

Surrounded in Awesome

Siberia Headsets place you in the center of the action with Dolby 7.1 Surround. Our H Wireless utilizes 3 different Dolby technologies to give you the most immersive gaming experience possible.

The look you're looking for

Your gameplay won’t be the only thing drawing attention. Siberia’s stylish contemporary design fits in with every gamer’s battlestation.

Retractable Microphone

Every headset we design is armed with a retractable microphone. Not only is this design great for traveling to LANs, but it also means you can wear it out in public without looking like a helicopter pilot!

Show off any style

Winning may be everything, but you might as well look good doing it.  Siberia headset illumination lets you show off your personal style in the real world while you dominate in the gaming world. Synchronicity!

On-ear controls

When you need to mute your mic, you shouldn’t have to fish down your cable. Some Siberia models lets gamers quickly adjust volume and mute directly from your earcup. H Wireless’ settings can be fully customized without you ever leaving your seat.