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Designed for victory

Obsessive design

At SteelSeries we are ALL obsessed with gaming. FPS, MOBA, MMO, RPG, Indie - you name it and we play it.  We take that love and passion for gaming and use it to drive all aspects of every keyboard we make.

Play game 5 like you played game 1

Low-profile keyboards allow gamers to react faster between key presses. The low angle of attack helps you play better for longer by reducing the stress on your hands.

Make every key press count

Every gamer knows that feeling when you know you pressed the key, but it didn’t register. Advanced Anti-ghosting ensures every key press counts.

Designed to help you play better

Find your perfect angle with adjustable feet

Quickly get back to WASD with specialized bumps on the W key

Easy to reach macro keys when you need them, out of the way so they don’t interrupt your play

Never get interrupted by your cables in a teamfight by routing them directly under your keyboard

Which switch?

One of the key considerations when buying a keyboard is the switch. Switch preference is a pretty personal decision, so we provide a range of keyboards to meet the demands of all gamers.

The world’s fastest

For our top-of-the line Apex M800, no existing switch would do. We designed and created our own low-profile mechanical switch delivering the fastest response times available on the market today – the QS1 switch.

Mechanical switches

The mechanical switch has defined the gaming keyboard and is generally the choice of pros.  Due to their superior tactile feel and responsiveness over membrane keys, gamers often prefer mechanical switches.

Membrane switches

The quietest and most affordable way to build a keyboard is with a membrane (or rubber dome) switch layout. This is by far the most common way keyboards are built, and is the base for our Apex and Apex RAW keyboards. 

The brains behind it all

SteelSeries Engine 3 gives you everything you need in one single app. A unified platform that supports all your SteelSeries gear and allows you to get the most out of your gear – no matter what game you play. 

Macros, macros, and more macros

Macros make life easy - especially if you play MMOs and MOBAs.  Macros allow you to execute and repeat a long string of successive keypresses with the touch of a single key.  Launch a sequence of spells, craft gear changes, or initiate a skillchain sequence in a single step. 

There are three types of macros you can create on Apex keyboards: on-the-fly macros, keypress macros and text-based macros.

16.8 Million Colors – we even included your favorite

We’ve taken RGB illumination to all-new levels. With 16.8 million colors available on many of our devices we want to give you as much control as possible over the lighting. On some devices like the Apex M800 you can even create your own unique, custom lighting patterns.

How many headshots did you get last round?

Your SteelSeries device knows. SteelSeries keyboards (and mice and headsets) feature exclusive GameSensetm technology. Your keyboard talks directly to your game and changes its illumination based off of in-game events. In CS:GO you can see your health meter on your keys and watch it decrease as you take damage.

The open SDK means anyone can create in-game integration effects for literally any game.*

*check for a complete list of supported games