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Fnatic.CS:GO Wins ESL/ESEA Pro League! 

After defeating Cloud 9, the boys from Sweden took home $100,000.   

fnatic CSGO Proleague.jpg
Gaming Competition


Evil Geniuses' HuK, Jaedong, Incontrol, and Xenocider all attended HomeStory Cup this past weekend in Germany.

Gaming Competition


Rekkles and Yellowstar lead Fnatic.LoL to another week's sweep to clinch a playoff birth at 12-0!


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Since 2001, pros and amateurs alike have been fragging, casting and living hand-in-hand with our products on the highest level. Challenges have been thrown their way, and they’ve risen to each and every one as the stakes have evolved from conference halls for hundreds of dollars to iconic arenas for millions.

Winning is what we do. It’s not just everything in this new age of eSports…

It’s the only thing. 


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