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Power… in your hands

Put to the test

We work with the world’s best eSport teams to develop mice based directly off their needs. We design, redesign, and refine every feature to give players an unfair advantage over their competition.


Take Aim

Gamers rely on muscle memory to make precise shots and if your sensor can’t keep up… you lose.  We take time and effort to find the right sensors and components to create the best mouse for gaming.

Well over 9000 clicks

All of our mice are armed with our proprietary SteelSeries switches and have a lifetime of over 30 million clicks. The audible mouse click is hyper-responsive and feels as crisp as it sounds.

Play better, longer!

No more misclicks. No more hand cramp. Easy button access and minimizing onboard hand movement is critical and we design every mouse with this in mind.

How do you hold yours?​

We design our mice to fit the widest range of gamers – choose your weapon. We obsess over testing with a panel of diverse gamers to ensure your performance never suffers because your mouse is uncomfortable. 

Don't sweat it!

Our Soft-touch coating, featured in our Rival, Sensei Wireless and Sensei Raw, provides a tactile feel that ensures hand sweat won’t impact your performance. The Sensei is the only mouse in the world that features an ultra-durable metallic coating.

Get a grip!

Textured side grips made of durable double-shot injected rubber to give gamers that extra bit of control, especially when the battle gets hectic.

Make it yours

We offer gamers the most complete and advanced customization options. We want you to use your mouse EXACTLY the way you want. Check out all the different customization options available in SSE3.

Configure Everything!

Tweak your CPI, polling rate, angle snapping, lift off distance, and acceleration just the way you'd like it. SteelSeries Engine 3 truly lets you own every aspect of your mouse’s performance. 

Pick a color, any color!

Our Sensei, Sensei Wireless, and Rival feature RGB LEDs that can illuminate between 16.8 million different colors. You can take it one step further and choose to give your mouse a breathe effect or have it cycle between any colors of your choice. No matter what color you like best, SteelSeries has you covered. 

One app to rule them all

SteelSeries CloudSync lets you backup, share and sync your settings across all your platforms. Your settings are just a couple of clicks away no matter where you end up gaming. Users can even setup game specific profiles that auto-launch your settings when you launch the game.