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JoshOG has been streaming since 2014 and has amassed over 1,400,000 followers on Twitch. To say that he’s rightfully earned the “OG” tag in his name would be something of an understatement. A talented variety streamer with a background in FPS titles, Josh has the ability to pick up any game and be proficient at it...except when he’s getting taken out by teammate’s grenades.


Colorado, USA

Favorite Titles:
Call of Duty United Offensive and Ratchet & Clank

Favorite Gaming Moment:
Either the hail mary one tap with an M16 I got on a dude on the mountain on Erangel, or the epic nade I got on a hacker in a car in PUBG.

Series that needs a Reboot:
A new Left 4 Dead would be super legit. Such a fun game to just dive into with the homies.

Tip for an aspiring Streamer:
Don’t look at your viewer count. You should always treat every stream the same; 1 viewer or 10,000. The energy you give to the stream, is the energy you get back from the community

Top Moments

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