Synchronizes with the game
SuperDuPix+ OLED screen
Magnetic Auto Pilot

Built on a Legacy

Since our very first product, The Icemat, we have supplied more than 10 million mousepads to the gaming community.

Advanced Technology

The 4K OLED display and our proprietary 168-zone movement detection array ensures that your mousepad is at the pinnacle of gaming tech for years to come.

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Intelligent Game Sync

With built in game awareness, nICEMAT feeds you critical info such as minimap, health & ammo. Add custom apps for additional info like opponent rage level or when dinner is up.

Let the Game Win Itself

9 carefully placed electromagnets create a powerful autopilot mode that can take over your mouse entirely.

SteelSeries Rival 700

Win. Responsibly.

Together with our most powerful mouse, the Rival 700, you’ll be able to activate Parental LOCK mode that auto-secures the mouse to the surface when it’s time to sleep.

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