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Best-in-class technology provides extreme precisions and reliability.


Advanced macro creation allows for precisely timed key press sequences.


Scroll wheel-controlled, built-in menu system for effective personalization.


State of the art laser sensor guarantees stable tracking at maximum acceleration.


Finely engineered shape suits all grips to ensure maximum control and comfort.


100% driver independent, essential to gamers attending LAN parties.


Scalable pointer speed up to 5,001 CPI in increments of 1.


Automatically adjusted lift distance locked to 2-4mm across surfaces.

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PC Gamer

"The Xai is in every way equal to the SteelSeries Ikari - the hands-down best gaming mouse of all time that received a whooping 97% in October 2008 - except for one thing: It's ambidextrous, with two thumb buttons on each side."

"That, as a right-hander, I much prefer the contours of the Ikari is rather predictable, but doesn't diminish the Xai's internal hardware, including a laser that picks up more megapixels than my camera and boasts SteelSeries' peerless tracking."

Score: 95%

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"... the SteelSeries Xai is quite simply the best pure gaming mouse we've ever tested."

"Rather than tack on gimmicks like flashing lights and weight systems, SteelSeries has simply taken the basics of a performance mouse and honed them to perfection. Despite being ambidextrous it's incredibly comfortable, tracking is exceptional, and the level of customisation on offer puts other mice to shame."

Score: 10/10

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"In terms of ergonomics, the Xai is fantastic. All told it is the most comfortable mouse I have used and fits both left and right hands perfectly. [...]"

"All told, the SteelSeries Xai is the most impressive gaming mouse I have ever tested in our labs."

Score: 10/10

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Score: 8/10

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Gaming Nexus

"The SteelSeries Xai is a great little mouse that performed way beyond my expectations. The mouse is simple but extremely effective."

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"SteelSeries has definitely pulled it off again. The Xai laser mouse manages to not only compete, but beat many of the seemingly better equipped mice from rivaling brands."

"The simple design approach from the Ikari has been taken one step further and the two mice SteelSeries are currently marketing both feature an ambidextrous design which got to make them one of the top picks among left handed gamers."

Score: 9/10

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"SteelSeries go on about how they design tools for esports and the Xai is a prime example. [...]"

"This is a stunning mouse that any hardcore gamer should want."

Score: 10/10

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PC Shop Talk

"The mouse feels very smooth in contact with the hand and its very easy to set the DPI you desire right away by using the software application or the LCD screen. The extra buttons are very well placed and I did not meet situations where I would press them by mistake."

Score: 98%

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"The Xai is a great general purpose gaming mouse and incorporates a few great innovations which will change the way mice are designed in the future."

Score: 9.5/10

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Adrenaline Vault

"At the end of the day, the Razer Mamba may be one of the prettiest gaming mice on the market, but Xai, the new mouse on the block, is a bully and is determined to eat Mamba's cheese for lunch."

"Overall I think Xai's advantages outweigh its few disadvantages, and I strongly recommend it as a lethal weapon for competitive PC gamers that are looking for every possible advantage on the battlefield."

Score: 4/5

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"Like virtually all SteelSeries products, the Xai gaming mouse is an unassuming powerhouse that packs a lot of features under the hood and some unique features to put it ahead of its peers. [...]"

"The Xai is everything a good gaming mouse should be: exact, smooth, comfortable, and almost ridiculously customizable. The Xai moves and feels good under your hand and glides flawlessly and accurately."

Score: 5 stars

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"I like the Xai. It's compact, elegant, unpretentious, and effective. While I personally prefer a wireless, right-handed device, I found the straightforward design of the Xai refreshing, and of course its performance is beyond reproach."

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"The form factor is so good it feels almost like an ergonomic mouse."

"If you want a gaming mouse you can use with either hand, I'd say you can't do better than Xai [...]"

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"Using just the LCD and the mouse scroll wheel, you can actually change the settings of the mouse on the fly without using its application. This is a new addition to SteelSeries mouse products and I'm sure it will make lots of vendors jealous."

"If you have the money and you are looking for a great gaming mouse, pick up the Xai. Even when I find the Ikari more comfortable with its unique contour design, Xai is technologically more advanced than the Ikari, a greater CPI, and the ability to change the mouse settings without any software."

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Precision tool, not a gadget.

Weight & Size

Size and weight

  • Weight: 0.22 lbs (98 grams)
  • Height: 1.5 in (38.7 mm)
  • Width: 2.7 in (68.3 mm)
  • Length: 4.9 in (125.5 mm)

SteelSeries Xai Measurements


Advanced macros

On the SteelSeries Xai you can record 8 macros for key combinations that can be up to 200 different keystrokes and with a precise timing of sequences. This allows you to setup common commands and shortcuts that enhance your actions per minute and ensures that you don’t accidentally hit the wrong key and miss out on important in-game sequences.


Adjustable rate for smooth movement

SteelSeries ExactRate enables you to adjust the rate of which data is sent from the SteelSeries Xai to your computer. When tweaking the ExactRate to the response time of your screen you can make the mouse cursor movement perfectly fluent.
Rate Placeholder Image

Tracks on any surface

SteelSeries ExactAim makes it possible to adjust the way the SteelSeries Xai gets information from the laser sensor. For instance, if you have a surface that is not optimized for gaming, then you can now simply adjust the jitter and prediction corrections. For optimal use of the Xai we strongly recommend the SteelSeries 9HD mousepad, which was developed simultaneously with the Xai and features a prism-like textured surface for maximum performance for next generation mice.



Operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OSX*

*Configuration software only available for Windows operating systems.

Plug and play

Plug and play

There’s no need to install software of any kind to use the Xai. The built-in driver can be adjusted through an LCD menu on the backside of the mouse. Just plug in the Xai and play.


True sensitivity

SteelSeries ExactSens allows you to control how fast your pointer should move by adjusting your CPI in increments of 1 between 100-5001. This means, the SteelSeries Xai offers you true hardware based sensitivity settings, freeing you of interpolation from game software. To take advantage of ExactSens you need to deactivate any cursor acceleration and set your sensitivity settings in-game (sensitivity 1 or adjust your sensitivity slider to lowest possible setting) and on your operating system to default. You can use the CPI calculator below to find the value that resembles the cursor speed you are used to, giving a good starting point for tweaking your sensitivity to perfection:CPI Calculator Placeholder



  1. Left click
  2. Scroll wheel & middle click
  3. Right click
  4. Right side button 1
  5. Right side button 2
  6. CPI high / low switch
  7. Left side button 2
  8. Lefts ide button 1

SteelSeries Xai Buttons

Lift distance

Automatic lift distance

To make sure you always have a 1mm lift distance, the sensor on the SteelSeries Xai automatically adjusts the lift distance, depending on the surface you’re using. If you are a low sensitivity gamer a minimal lift distance is extremely important so that the mouse will shut off the sensor when you lift your mouse up to change position.


Mouse glides

  • Material: Gaming grade UPE
  • Covers 16 % of mouse bottom to ensure maximum glide
  • We recommend to change glides regularly as they eventually get worn down. See our made to fit SteelSeries Glide Xai.

SteelSeries Glide Xai


LCD Menu Set-up

With the LCD display on the backside of the SteelSeries Xai mouse, you can customize all settings to fit your specific needs. If you choose to download the advanced software for Xai, there are even more detailed options to customize and personalize your mouse settings.
SteelSeries Xai LCD-menu

Developed with gamers

Developed with gamers

At SteelSeries, we are proud to be associated with some of the best players in the world of esports. We maintain strong relationships and have continuous dialogue with teams like SK-Gaming, fnatic and Evil Geniuses who help in the development and improvement of our products. We strive to improve what we put out into the market. The Xai is a perfect example of our evolution.


Best-in-class technology

Featuring a state of the art laser sensor offering you consistent and reliable performance, the SteelSeries Xai boasts 10.8 megapixel HD image correlation at up to 12,000 frames per second and the ability to handle tracking movements of up to 150 inches per second.

Path correction

Personalized path correction setting

SteelSeries FreeMove eliminates path correction, which makes the mouse predict, correct and make your movement straight. With the SteelSeries Xai, you can adjust the amount of path correction or completely disable it for 100% control of your movement. For FPS games that require high precision, this is a crucial feature.
Path correction off
Path correction eliminated.

Path correction on

Path correction set to max.

Intense use

Engineered for intense use

The SteelSeries Xai has several unique features, based on the feedback from professional gamers who helped us develop it. To begin, the Xai is an ultra lightweight mouse, which was highlighted by gamers as an important feature that was missing in the mouse market today. A heavier mouse makes your wrist sore and tires your arm after extended use. We’ve also made the Xai with a sweat resistant coating for an optimal grip over longer periods of time. Finally, we’ve added a nylon braided cord to optimize durability and to prevent the cord from tangling.


Pro gamer profiles

The SteelSeries Xai allows you to configure and store up to 5 profiles on the mouse. This helps you easily switch between profiles when playing different games or performing tasks on your computer that require different levels of sensitivity and precision. You can also exchange your setting profiles with other Xai users as well as try downloading a profile from a few of our professional gamers who’ve used the Xai to win major global tournaments.


Software for advanced setup

The SteelSeries Xai can be configured with simple software, which is available in the downloads section of our site. If you want to get the maximum use of all the Xai’s features including macro settings, acceleration, profile settings and more, then the software menu should be your next destination.
SteelSeries Xai Software



The SteelSeries Xai is ambidextrous, which means that you can use the Xai as a righty or lefty gamer.

Laser Sensor

Laser sensor

Frames per second: 12,000

Inches per second: 150+

Mega pixels per second: 10.8

Counts per inch: 5,001

Maximum acceleration: 30 G

Sensor data path: True 16 bit

Lift distance: ~1mm

Maximum polling: 1,000 Hz

Braided cord

Braided cord

  • Gold plated USB 2.0 connector
  • Anti-tangle braided cord for enhanced durability
  • Cord length: 6.5 feet(2 meters)

SteelSeries Xai Cord


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Did you know?


Part of the research period and sample testing for the Xai and Kinzu mice, with SK Gaming among other teams, was spent at Inferno Online Sweden.


“Above all, the shape of my mouse is key. I was at a point certain that I’d found MY shape – and then this thing reset me for the better.”
- Christoffer ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund


Having spent less than 5 days adapting to initial prototypes the SteelSeries Xai and Kinzu, Team Fnatic and went on to win their first grand slam tournament, using these mice.


A total 100 golden-themed SteelSeries Xai mice were created in 2009 as part of promotional campaigns in select countries across the globe.


SK Gaming’s World of Warcraft Sansibar PvP team uses Xai in the EM IV European Championship Grand Finals, to take home gold medals and $7,500.


“The driverless feature ensures a quick setup at events and tournaments, and gives me an identical experience compared to when training – no matter where I’m at.” – Dennis “Walle” Wallenberg


The first custom, limited edition SteelSeries Xai available for purchase, was created for UbiSoft®’s R.U.S.E., and features pre-loaded and pro-gamer recommended mouse profiles.


Fnatic’s Call of Duty team captain, and “Player of the Year 2009″, Stevy “Stevy” Verhein swears to the Xai. Through 2009, he also led his team to be voted “Team of the Year”.







How to install profiles

  1. Press download on the profile you want.
  2. Save the file on your computer.
  3. Open the Xai laser software.
  4. Import the profile you just downloaded.
  5. Click apply to mouse and you're done.

Counter Strike 1.6