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Specially designed non-slip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding.


Flawless, steady performance when using both optical and laser mice.


High quality cloth with optimized surface ensures a precise and consistent glide.


Special edition designed with 2010's most winning Counter-Strike team, Natus Vincere.

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Natus Vincere Edition

Team Natus Vincere, latin meaning born for victory, was formed in 2009 by two top-tier Ukrainian teams who in less than two years have become the eSports team to beat. With gold medals from 2010′s Intel Extreme Masters World Championships in Hannover, the Electronic Sport World Cup Finals in France, and the World Cyber Games Grand Finals in USA, this brogue of gamers wear and represent the SteelSeries logo proudly. Partake in the excitement with the Na`Vi Limited Edition QcK+ mousepad.

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Team Na`Vi players dominate in Counter Strike, FIFA, DotA and StarCraft II.

Weight & Size

Non-Slippery rubber

The SteelSeries QcK+ (Natus Vincere) mouse pad has a non-slip rubber base that prevents the pad from slipping when you use it. Also the rubber ensures that you have maximum comfort for your wrist and hand on the pad at all times.

Extra thickness icon

Extra thickness

The heavy thickness of this special edition Qck+ makes it a perfect companion for LAN events or places with an uneven gaming area underneath the pad. This particular edition of the Qck+ is 4mm thick, which places it between a normal Qck and Qck Heavy.

Professional tested icon

Professionally Tested

The SteelSeries QcK series has been optimized and tested with professional gaming teams for the past decade. From the mini to the heavy, the QcK series offers something for every gamer regardless of their space and set-up.

More than just cloth icon

More Than Just Cloth

The cloth surface on QcK+ provides a smooth and steady glide regardless of the tabletop or surface that it’s place on.

Size matters icon

Size Matters

It is crucial to find the correct size of your mouse pad, both in terms of what suits your needs, but also in what space requirements you have to adhere to. The SteelSeries QcK+ is XXL in size, providing a surface are for all types of FPS, MMO and RPS players and grip styles.

Weight & Size

And the numbers

Dimensions: 400 x 450 x 4 mm / 15.7 x 17.7 x 0.16 in

Did you know?


Both the Electronic Sports World Cup, the World Cyber Games and the IEM 4 World Championships titles for 2010 belong to Na`Vi.

Best player in 2010

Na`Vi’s Yegor “markeloff” Markelov took 1st when HLTV.org completed their list of 2010′s top20 Counter-Strike players.


Natus Vincere cashed in over $200,000 in gaming championship prize money in 2010. Bill Gates better watch out.


Most gamers are familiar with the term “red eyes”, when referring to aggressive play style. Na`Vi’s choice of color could be a statement.