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Hard plastic composition provides extreme precision, accuracy and stability.


Finely textured surface optimized for next-generation gaming mice.


Researched next to SteelSeries Xai for full support of High Definition mice.


Only gaming surface to fully utilize the tracking capabilities of SteelSeries Xai.


Fully tracking everything from minimal movements to high-speed "slingshots".


Smaller-sized, identically endowed SteelSeries 4HD available.


Surface offers a semi-rough mouse gliding experience.


Plastic composition provides medium friction between surface and mouse.


"Comfort wise this mat is just as brilliant as the old slim S&S mat because it is so thin it does not upset your wrist."

"There is no doubt about it the 9HD will set the benchmark for future hard mats performance wise."

Score: 9.6/10

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"The 9HD is an excellent product that deserves a place on any gamer's desk. Those who haven't used a mouse mat for years may shirk at the cost, but for the rest of us, this should help step up your game."

Score: 9/10

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""Very easy to glide your mouse over""

Score: 31/40

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BCC Hardware

"If you are looking for a new pad or you just want to improve your game - definitely give this pad consideration! It has a large surface area that is great for gaming. You have plenty of room for radical movements like barrel rolls in an Apache, to dive bombing in an F18. If you like running around a lot, or jumping around corners and spraying the whole room, this pad is for you. Its rubber backing grips the desk very well. It did not move any during intense gaming."

Score: 9.4/10

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Gaming Nexus

"The pad alone will really help increase the accuracy and sensitivity of any mouse, but when coupled with a true gaming mouse, the results are incredible."

"After trying the 9HD, I have since made numerous visits to various retailers in my area to try other, comparable gaming surfaces. I have yet to find another one that I feel works as effectively as the 9HD."

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Game Zone

Score: 10/10

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Next generation performance.

Weight & Size


  • Height: 2 mm (0,08 in)
  • Width: 320 mm (12,6 in)
  • Length: 270 mm (10,6 in)

SteelSeries 9HD measurements

SteelSeries 9HD sideshot


Made for fast paced gaming

The SteelSeries Xai Laser mouse when partnered with the SteelSeries 9HD, is a match made in gaming heaven. The finely textured surface of the 9HD is essential in getting the best possible tracking for your next generation gaming mouse. Precision, speed, and stability were key factors in the development of the 9HD.

Developed with gamers

Only the best

At SteelSeries, we are proud of being associated with some of the best players in the world of esports. Teams like SK Gaming, Fnatic, and Evil Geniuses are in a continuous dialogue with us, helping to make better products. We strive to improve ourselves, and the 9HD is a perfect example of technical evolution. After all, Winning is everything!

Rubber base

Non-slip rubber base

On the backside of the SteelSeries 9HD a rubber layer gives the mousepad a steady and firm grip of your desk at all times. This ensures that you never have to worry about missing that headshot due to a wobbly surface.
Rubber Base

Next-generation gaming mice

High speed surface

Thanks to the sophisticated tracking capabilities of the surface, the user is capable of performing exceptionally precise mouse operations when it comes to both of minimal movements and high velocity “slingshots”. This gaming surface was researched and developed in parallel with the SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse to ensure that advanced high definition mice can show off the level of performance that they’re capable of achieving.

HD Surface

Optimized for next generation gaming mice

The SteelSeries 9HD is a hard plastic composition specifically engineered for professional gamers who demand extremely consistent precision, accuracy, and stability. The finely textured surface consists of tens of thousands of light reflecting microscopic points, optimized to enhance the tracking capabilities of next-generation gaming mice.
Macroscopic Reflection


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Did you know?


The 9HD was launched in Taiwan alongside the SteelSeries Kinzu and Xai mice during a press conference at the Aztec Gaming Center in Taipei, Taiwan.


Electronic Sports World Cup winner and arguably one of the best female Counter-Strike players in the world, Zainab “zAAz” Turkie relies on the classic 9HD + Xai hardware setup.


No worries. Little brother SteelSeries 4HD is also available, measuring around 10% less than the 9HD.


We decided to include a cleaning cloth in the package to make sure that your 9HD stays smooth and dirt-free. Without going into the dishwasher.