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Stick and Play

Simply apply to your screen and gain control of your games.

Joystick and 3 buttons

Auto-centering joystick and real buttons for tactile feel and control.


Micro suction cup technology means you can use again and again.

Carrying Case

Sleek carrying case keeps it all protected and together when not in use.

Stick and play.


Control everything.

Face it, touchscreen controls are awful. They give no satisfying feedback when pressed, they are easy to miss because you can’t feel them, and generally provide very poor control of the game.

Stick the SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls to your tablet. Stick the buttons to your phone. Put them in the case and then stick them on again later. Enhance your mobile gaming experience with real control.


Simply stick and play.

Simply take the buttons out of the case, place them on the screen, and enjoy. Use again and again thanks to micro-suction cup technology.


Use on your tablet

Enjoy great control while gaming on your tablet with the use of a joystick and 3 tactile buttons.


Use buttons on your phone

Use 1-3 buttons on your smartphone for all your favorite games.


Micro-suction cups

Our micro-suction cup technology enabled us to create a special tape to adhere the buttons to the screen without any sticky mess and they can be used again and again. If they get less sticky, they simply need to be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Mini suction cups

9 mini suction cups around the joystick keep it securely in place on the screen while you enjoy greater control over your games.


Carrying Case

We included a sleek carrying case for clean, safe storage of your controls when you aren’t gaming.


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