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A Decade of Winners

In 2014, we’ll be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of our iconic Siberia gaming headset. Used by millions of gamers worldwide, the Siberia audio lineup has become the gold standard for gamers who believe “winning is everything.”

To kick-start the celebration, we have created a limited-edition Siberia Elite Anniversary Edition headset, which we’re offering on our website to our biggest fans.

What's Better than Elite?

At its core, the Anniversary Edition boasts all the features of the Siberia Elite, with Dolby 7.1 sound, amazing comfort, and 16.8 million color illumination. But this version comes with a few cool extras: a travel-friendly hard shell, unique ear cup branding, and membership in the Elite Anniversary Club – where members will receive special offers from SteelSeries throughout the 2014 celebration.

Finally, each limited-edition headset is engraved with its own laser-etched number (1 through 2004). For more details on Siberia Elite, click here.

Back in 2005 when me and the boys started Ninjas in Pyjamas again, SteelSeries was right there with us as a sponsor. We all played with Siberia and the comfort of those cans was like nothing I had tried before. The audio quality was really good too and I have no doubt that the Siberia headset was an important tool to all the success we enjoyed.

Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen
Ninjas in Pyjamas, 2005-2007

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1st of November, 2004

Siberia Full-Size Headset

Siberia Full-size Headset

In 2004 the gaming headset market was flooded with cheap, little headsets with small drivers and flimsy boom mics. It’s not a surprise that the white Siberia was an instant success with its suspension headband, clip-on microphone, and full-size cans for big sound.

28th of April, 2005

Siberia USB Soundcard

Siberia USB Soundcard

Gamers having consistency between where they practice and where they compete has always been important to us. Our first USB soundcard traveled wherever you gamed to deliver the same audio regardless of which tournament PC you were competing on.

13th of October, 2005

Siberia In-Ear

Siberia In-Ear Headset

Icemat Siberia In-ear was built for style, sound isolation, and great audio while on the go. At the time, they were an incredible value delivering great in-ear audio at an affordable price.

10th of June, 2007

Siberia Neckband

Siberia Neckband

We wanted you to look great and feel comfortable even when you weren't gaming so we took the world's first retractable microphone from our 5H and combined it with our full-size Siberia earcups in an all-new form factor.

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18th of Stepember, 2009

Siberia v2

Siberia Full-size Headset v2

Building on the massive success of its predecessor the classic Siberia was reborn. Siberia v2 offered a retractable microphone system, leather memory foam cushions, bigger 50mm drivers, and many more design refinements that have defined its legacy as a gaming and esports icon.

10th of January, 2012

Siberia Frost Blue

Siberia Full-size Headset v2 Frost Blue

An integrated USB sound card and 16 superbright blue LEDs updated the classic Siberia v2 with brilliant blue illumination. This would become the platform for our Diablo 3 headset and the Heat Orange edition.

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29th of August, 2013

Siberia Elite

Siberia Elite

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite merges iconic, modern design with advanced audio engineering to create an incredible experience of both sight and sound.