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'Best-in-Class' optical sensor and switches for advanced precision and consistency.


Delivers a consistent performance in a compact, 4-button design.


Fnatic, SK, EG, Na'Vi, EHOME, TyLoo. LoL, HoN, CS, SC2, DotA. They were all in on it.


CPI toggle for on-the-fly high/low sensitivity adjustments.


Scalable pointer speed up 3200 in increments of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 CPI.


Featuring High Performance PTFE material feet for a low-friction glide.


Improved durability and tangle-free via its double braided nylon cord.


Program your buttons, optimize your sensitivity, and create unlimited profiles.

Hardware Heaven

Score: 9/10

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Funky Kit

"If you are looking to have great mouse performance but you do not want to break the bank to buy a bunch of features you may or may not use, the Kinzu v2 Pro edition will get you fragging in no time. T"

Score: 8.5/ 10

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Score: 5/5

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Tweak Town

"SteelSeries offers those on a budget a very versatile and useful tool to improve their gaming on a level very close to its larger brethren."

Score: 91%

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The Gaming Experience

"SteelSeries has always been one company since the start of TheGamingExperienc e that fed my fuel for more and better peripherals for my high-end PC. This time though, we kept it simple, and they sent me a Kinzu v2 Pro Edition gaming mouse. This mouse was actually a great refresher as I have been used to 5-10 programmable buttons; switching back to the basics is just what I needed."

Score: 4/5

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"A quick jaunt through Serious Sam: HD proved the Kinzu to still hold the SteelSeries DNA, meaning great performance and accuracy."

Score: 8/10

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No frills, just kills.

Developed with gamers


The Kinzu v2 Pro Edition is built to kill (and win). It features, tournament grade Omron button switches which are recognized by the industry and the community as reliable, high-end hardware components that deliver ‘best-in-class’ performance and feedback.

Weight & Size

Size and weight

  • Weight: 77 grams (0.17 lbs)
  • Height: 36 mm (1.4 in)
  • Width: 64 mm (2.5 in)
  • Length: 117 mm (4.6 in)

Optical Sensor

Superior tracking

The SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro Edition uses optical technology and operates at 3600 Frames Per Second and supports stable movement speeds at 65 Inches Per Second. These specs simply say that regardless of your frantic movements, the mouse will consistently deliver, especially for fast-paced FPS games.



  1. Left click
  2. Right click
  3. Scroll wheel / Middle click
  4. CPI Toggle


Easy To Adjust CPI

The centrally located toggle button allows you to quickly switch between two sensitivity settings. The pre-defined CPI settings in the Kinzu v2 Pro Edition are used and recommended by professional gamers all over the world. These CPI settings are also easily adjustable if you want to personalize your Kinzu v2 Pro Edition via the SteelSeries Engine software.

Plug and play

The SteelSeries Engine

The SteelSeries Engine allows you to customize your mouse settings like never before. With the SteelSeries Engine installed you are able to:

  • Set custom CPI settings
  • Program your mouse buttons
  • Set polling rate
  • Record macros
  • Track button usage statistics
  • Set game triggers for profiles
  • Setup unlimited profiles for the settings above…

Developed with gamers

Developed With The Best

We are proud to be associated with some of the best players in the world of eSports. We maintain strong relationships and have continuous dialogue with teams like Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, Fnatic, Evil Geniuses and others who help in the development and improvement of our products.

To ensure maximum performance in all gaming scenarios we enlisted help from world-class StarCraft® II, Counter-Strike, DotA, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, WarCraft® III and Doom players.

Intense use

Shaped for Comfort

The SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro Edition is ergonomically shaped to comfortably fit all three grip styles – claw, palm and swipe – for easy reach to all 4 buttons whether the user is playing a fast-paced FPS game or even a long session MMO game.


Mouse glides

Material: High Performance PTFE material covers 16 % of mouse bottom to ensure maximum glide. We recommend changing glides regularly as they will eventually be worn down.
SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Glides


The SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro Edition is made to be stable on every kind of surface with the help of its Tournament Grade optical sensor. This sensor is also designed to eliminate jitter and provide optimized stability for the user.

Braided cord

Double Braided cord

  • USB 2.0 connector
  • Anti-tangle braided cord for enhanced durability
  • Cord length: 2 meters (6.5 feet)

SteelSeries Kinzu Cord



Operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X
  • PC & Mac Compatible

    Optical Sensor

    And the numbers

    Frames per second: 3600
    Inches per second: 65
    Mega pixels per second: 3.7
    Counts per inch: 400 – 3200
    Maximum acceleration: 30 G
    Sensor data path: True 16 bit
    Lift distance: ~2 mm
    Maximum polling: 1000 Hz