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Competition-Grade Audio

Powerful and detailed audio experience via tournament-grade, next-generation SteelSeries audio drivers. Our latest drivers feature a wide dynamic range that allows you to hear all levels of your audio: lows, mids, and highs. SteelSeries audio engineers crafted the soundscape for the best possible gaming experience. Advanced components like high-grade mylar film were used to further perfect the sound with added clarity and no distortion.

  • Competition-Grade Audio
  • Custom-Engineered Soundscape
  • Dolby® Technology

Tournament Quality Design

Delivering a tournament-grade audio experience, incredible digital features, and best-in-class comfort, the SteelSeries 9H with Dolby® Technology is our best competitive gaming headset yet. Equipped with an advanced USB soundcard, the SteelSeries 9H provides users with Dolby® technology, SteelSeries Engine support and much more.

  • Tournament Quality Design
  • Retractable Microphone
  • Extended Comfort

Under the hood

Driven by an advanced built-in sound card that features customizable equalizer settings and upgradable firmware for future expanded audio settings.

  • Under the hood
  • SteelSeries Engine 3
  • Equalize
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- Frequency Response: 10 – 28000 Hz
- Impedance: 29 Ohm
- Cable Length: 3.2 m
- Jacks: 2 x 3.5 mm for PC and 4-pole
3.5mm for Mac®, Mobile and Tablets


- Frequency Response: 50 – 16000 Hz
- Pick Up Pattern: Uni-directional
- Sensitivity: -37 +/- 3 dB

Compatible with: Windows, Mac OS X, PS4*, Xbox One*, PS3*, Xbox 360*, Mobile*

Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories