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Dampening leather for passive noise isolation, or cloth for hear-through.


"Invisible", retractable, uni-directional microphone in left ear-cup.


Detachable, braided cord for safety/travel w. built-in volume and mic control.


50mm drivers provide a detailed audio experience at high, low and mid tones.


Clear reproduction of everything from mood setting music to critical 3D positional alerts.


2m extension included for extra convenience.


Easy dismantling into 4 separate pieces for compact and easy transportation.


Unique combination of quality, style, durability and portability in one headset.

PC Gamer

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Hardware Heaven

"he SteelSeries 7H and 7H USB completely blow away other headsets in the same price range. For gaming they are flawless and when listening to music they come close to matching headsets which are more than twice their price."

Score: 10/10

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"Overall, the Steelseries 7H Pro gaming headset is an excellent peice of hardware, which is essential for any professional gamer. In my opinion, it's the KING of headsets..."

Score: 9/10

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"The 7H's are absolutely exceptional. Amazing sound reproduction, high build quality and unmatched comfort prove that a stereo headset can still give you everything you desire."

Score: 9/10

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"The SteelSeries 7H USB is a gaming headset that has it all..."

"Wearing the SteelSeries 7H USB while gaming feels like cheating because you can react and kill your enemies faster than anyone else."

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"A fantastic product for LAN gamers and a good option for those looking for a high-quality gaming headset."

Score: 9/10

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"The SteelSeries 7H represents the pinnacle of gaming headset and headphone design. They are high quality, reasonably comfortable, feature-rich and perform beautifully."

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"Excellent build quality characterized by excellent finishing features and world-class performance with powerful and balanced sound, make this product a suitable choice for users who want the most out of a headset."

"This price makes this product an excellent choice based on price/quality ratio."

Score: 5/5

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"It seems SteelSeries have thought about everything with the 7H. It's a feature rich headset that offers extremely good performance and functionality."

Score: Gold Award

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Score: 9/10

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"There are so many nice features on the 7H. It kind of makes it hard for me to pick my favourite one. I really like the headset as a whole, but the features such as interchangeable ear cushions, the ability to remove the cord totally from the headset and the fact that you can disassemble it stands out."

Score: 9/10

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"... The isolation is impressive as is the portability, and the balance between gaming headphones and music is well struck."

Score: 8/10

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"When it comes to comfort the 7H is brilliant, with each ear piece having a number of adjustment levels to suit various head sizes as well as a few degrees of swivel on each side."

Score: Highly Recommended

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Run Around Tech

Score: 4/5

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Run Around Tech

"The 7H has some really awesome features, which is no surprise coming from a company like SteelSeries. But, perhaps more importantly, how do they sound? Easy: phenomenal. "

Score: 4/5

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PC Games Hardware

"All three reviewers liked the comfy feeling of the 7H - the relatively high pressure ensures a tight fit without annoyance due to soft padding..."

"With a powerful bass, that leaves space for sophisticated high and detailed mid tones, the 7H is very well suitable for gaming and music..."

Score: 1,51

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"Full size over the ear headsets are my favorite. Not only are they comfortable, but they also always seem to have a full rich sound. The 7H is no different. Their 18 - 28.000 Hz Frequency response covers well over what the human ear can pick up, basically you won?t miss a single sound."

"At just under $130 this isn?t a cheap headset but you are no doubt getting your money?s worth."

Score: 9/10

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"We have a true favorite in the 7H, even though we find it to be powerful than the Siberia v2. The comfort, isolation, quality and finish are simply perfect. The microphone, although sensitive to adjustments, is an excellent model. Everything is priced at 100 euros only and, despite some flaws, we assign five stars."

Score: 5/5

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Hear the game. Like never before.


Superior sound

The rich and detailed sound that the 7H delivers is powered by 50 mm drivers for a superior soundscape. It’s crucial in gaming that sounds are both clear and recognizable. The sounds of footsteps in an FPS game or a notice in a MMORPG game can be the difference between winning and losing. The soundscape for the 7H was precarious to acheive. In order to be both an awesome headset for gaming as well as a powerful headphone for music, applications and VoIP, the 7H was tested and perfected by gaming professionals and musicians to acheive great sound for all ears.

Pull-out Microphone

Retractable microphone

The uni-directional microphone can be retracted and hidden in the left ear cup. This signature SteelSeries headset feature allows users to operate the headset in any type of environment, whether in your own home or out in public, with out feeling ridiculous with a microphone projecting out of their cans.
SteelSeries 7H Retractable Microphone


Interchangeable ear cushions

We also understand that it’s important to have the option, especially if it means communcating with your team during a tournament. The 7H is also equipped with interchangeable cloth ear cushions that can easily be swapped out for a completely different, hear-through audio experience. Regardless of what type of sound you prefer, both ear cushions surround the outside of your ear, making them comfortable to use.
SteelSeries 7H Interchangeable Earcushions


Noise control

It’s no secret that concentration is essential for a great performance. Background noises can be disturbing when you’re trying to aim at an opponent or complete a mission. The SteelSeries 7H headset is the solution you’ve been looking for with its optimized design and noise dampening leather ear cups. Drowning out the noise isn’t the only way to maintain control.


Perfect for travel

The feature to disassemble the 7H USB into 4 pieces including at each earcup, headband, and the cord, makes it ideal to travel with.
SteelSeries 7H Disassembled


Volume control

The SteelSeries 7H features a durable, double braided, nylon cord with a built-in volume and microphone control. You can simply adjust sound levels manually instead of having to adjust it in your software settings.
SteelSeries 7H Volume Regulator

Weight & Size

And the numbers


  • Frequency response: 18 – 28.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • SPL@ 1kHz, 1 Vrms: 112 dB
  • Cable length: 1 + 2 = 3 m (9,8 ft.)
  • Jacks: 3,5 mm
  • Microphone

  • Frequency response: 50 – 16.000 Hz
  • Pick up pattern: Uni-directional
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB
  • Pictures

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    Did you know?


    SK Gaming’s QuakeLive legend, Shane “Rapha” Hendrixson, made use of an initial 7H prototype sample to grab $10,000 and 1st place at the IEM 4 World Championship Finals.


    Not really a successor, however rather a revolutionary peripheral, the 7H is still natural step up the ladder from our previous H-line of headsets.


    The worlds’ first give-away of SteelSeries 7H was initiated by HLTV and saw an whooping 1000+ entries to win the headset.


    Officially announced for CeBIT 2010, HEXUStv posted the first hands-on video of 7H in company of Kim Rom, CMO at SteelSeries.