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Reduces glare and improve visual focus.


Enhances detail for clearer vision.


Lessens visual stress, and dry eyes.


Helps relax ocular muscles, stay focused.


Reduces harsh blue light, improving contrast and comfort.


Unique temple design is comfortable with gaming headsets.

20/20 READY

Out of the box ready for 20/20 vision.


Custom ordered through GUNNAR Optiks RX Program.

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"The warmth of the lens on the Scope glasses helps to prevent this drying out thanks to their shape, design and colour-swatch. Not only is the onscreen action warmer but it is magnified also. Action is sharp and the eyes are no longer straining or drying out."

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"If you are serious at all about your gaming, you NEED to buy the SteelSeries Scope pro gaming glasses. They will give you an advantage and help you reach that next level. Plus they are absolutely comfortable to wear and are thing and lightweight, making them ideal travel companions."

Score: 10/10

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Nerd Reactor

"The SteelSeries scope combines style, comfort, protection, and enhancement. Everything you would expect from a high quality gaming product. "

"I highly recommend these to anybody suffering from ocular exhaustion either at work or at home."

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Gamers Daily News

"Overall, I was quite impressed with the quality of the SteelSeries Scope Pro Gaming Glasses and that should be no surprise as both SteelSeries and Gunnar Optiks are known for their high quality products. If you think you might be in the market for a high quality set of eyewear then these might be an option."

Score: 8.5/10

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Gamers Revenge

"It seemed to bring things into sharper focus, almost like it magnifies the screen just enough to help you get a better visual quality of the game you're playing."

"Once again, SteelSeries has released a product that is well designed and does exactly what is promised."

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Toronto Thumbs

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Gaming Irresponsibly

"If you spend an extended period of time playing games, especially in the dark, I really do think that these work wonders."

Score: 5/5

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"While you may not think your eyes need protection from the harsh lights and continued strain of staring into those HDTVs and glowing monitors, studies show otherwise, and that's what you'll be getting with GUNNAR Optiks' SteelSeries Pro Gaming Glasses. While some of you might share my initial skepticisms, they do work as intended and helped my sensitive eyes even after hours of prolonged gaming and intensely long computer sessions."

"Their flexible and ultra-lightweight design make wearing them extremely comfortable, even if you're already rocking a pair of prescription frames. "

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Colony of Gamers

"The build quality of this mouse is frankly, some of the best I have ever seen. It feels solid and well put together. Every button has a satisfying click and I never really had a problem accidentally hitting buttons I didn't want to. The pads on the bottom of the mouse felt like it was almost gliding. "

"This is simply one of the best mice I have ever used, if you want a mouse that can be customized with almost any parameter you like and is built to last, get the Sensei."

Score: 5/5

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SteelSeries Scope


We’ve teamed up with the pros. No, not just pro gamers this time, but the team from GUNNAR Optiks who know a thing or two about how staring at a digital screen for hours can not only affect your eyes, but also your game.


GUNNAR eyewear is designed to minimize eye strain and visual stress, while improving contrast, comfort, and focus.


The yellow or AMBeR lens tint, filters out harsh fluorescent light and reduces high-intensity blue light. Why should gamers care? The result is a warmer, more natural light spectrum that minimizes the stress on your eyes, which can help sustain focus and alertness during marathon gaming sessions. Relaxed eyes mean less fatigue. Less fatigue means longer play time.


The highly wrapped, curved lens shape limits air currents near the eyes, creating a higher humidity environment. This increased moisture helps reduce dry eyes and prevent irritation. The lens geometry offers a slight focusing power to help ease eyestrain caused by pixilated images. The focusing power helps improve the efficiency of the eye by enhancing detail for sharper, clearer vision.

The proprietary lens material offers the clearest image possible and is comprised of lightweight materials for long-haul ergonomics.

The AMBeR lens tint is designed to improve overall contrast and comfort by filtering out harsh fluorescent light and reducing high-intensity blue light. The result is a warmer, more natural light spectrum that minimizes the stress on your eyes, which can help sustain focus during gameplay.

The lens coatings are designed to reduce glare and protect the lens. It includes an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and reflections, and a hard coat that reduces environmental damage and minimizes scratching of the lens material.

Ergonomically designed , the lens and frame solution are constructed with the most advanced lightweight, yet durable materials available. Also features headset compatible temples for enhanced comfort with headsets. Oh and just a reminder, all SteelSeries headsets provide enough cushion in the earcups so that Scope glasses won’t dig into your temples.


GUNNAR’s lens tint, coating, focusing power, and curvature create an environment for sharper, clearer vision. GUNNAR gaming eyewear helps your eyes work more efficiently, protecting against fatigue and enhancing overall contrast, focus and detail.

Eyestrain, visual stress and dry eyes can be caused by extended periods of near to intermediate distance computer viewing. GUNNAR gaming eyewear helps relax the ocular muscles so you can spend more time gaming without getting eye fatigue and even headaches. If your eyes feel more relaxed, you can stay focused, play longer, and maybe even nab some extra frags.

GUNNAR eyewear helps keep your eyes fresh and relaxed. The lens tint, coatings, and curvature help reduce issues like eye strain, dry eyes, and visual stress which can help visual recovery after marathon gaming sessions.

GUNNAR eyewear protects against environmental barriers that can cause vision problems when viewing digital screens. The lens tint, coatings, and curvature combat issues like harsh fluorescent light, blue light, glare, and ambient air currents that can cause your eyes to dry out and strain. Wearing GUNNAR gaming eyewear helps minimize those issues creating a better environment for your eyes.

The Rx Program

Not all of us can be perfect, so if your eyes need more than the standard range of accommodation you can apply your Rx to your SteelSeries Scope. Inquire about the Rx program at www.gunnars.com/rx. GUNNAR’s prescription lens program is supported and administered by the precision optics of Carl Zeiss Vision.

GUNNAR Guarantee

GUNNAR guarantees the quality and performance of its eyewear. Wear your GUNNARS every time you’re in front of your computer/screen for the next 30 days. If you don’t notice a difference in contrast, comfort and focus, send them back for a full refund.

The GUNNAR Guarantee is only applicable for US customers who purchase GUNNARS at an authorized GUNNAR retailer or e-tailer. The Guarantee only applied to GUNNAR’s over-the-counter product offering for customers with 20/20 vision or vision corrected 20/20.


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