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Breakthrough Technology to Enhance Your Streaming and Gaming Experience.


Sentry Streaming Overlay gives your viewers a richer experience by showing them where you are looking in real time.

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    Sentry Game Analyzer follows your eye movement and gives you replay and statistical information that helps you track and improve your in-game performance.

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    Three infrared microprojectors scan the eyes 50 times per second to track and record exactly where you’re looking with insane precision.


    For The Streamer

    Sentry makes your streaming stand out. It gives viewers an entirely new perspective by showing them exactly where you’re looking each second of the game. It unlocks a new level of insight into your strategies, actions and consequences that will make your stream the most entertaining and insightful one for gamers to follow.

    The Sentry Streaming Overlay works with the following software:


    For The Gamer

    Sentry and its Game Analyzer are the essential tools that study your gameplay, provide feedback, and ultimately make you a better player. Three infrared microprojectors scan your eyes 50 times per second, tracking and recording key performance metrics for your analysis. This allows you to improve your game and benchmark your stats against those of your friends and your favorite pros.



    The Sentry Game Analyzer supports the following games

    More titles will be added soon!




    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
    System recommendation: 2.4 GHz quad core Intel i5 or i7. 8 GB RAM


    USB 3.0
    70” / 1.8 m

    Size & weight

    Weight: 0.2 lb / 91 grams
    Height: 0.8” / 20 mm
    Width:  0.6” / 15 mm

    Sensor engine

    Advanced NIR camera module with custom lenses
    Three NIR LEDs working at the 0.75–1.4 µm spectrum
    Data rate 40Hz

    Power consumption


    Whats in the box?

    Sentry Eye Tracker
    USB 3.0 Cable
    2 x Screen mounting brackets
    Cleaning wipe for mounting
    Quick start guide

    Screen requirements

    Up to 27” screen
    Minimum 0.5 inch flat and vertical surface right below the bottom of the actual screen.

    Sentry Quick Start Guide

    A guide to get you started with Sentry

    Streaming Overlay Guide

    A tutorial on using the Streaming Overlay

    Game Analyzer Guide

    Getting started using the Game Analyzer


    Can I play all games with the Sentry Eyetracker ?

    For streamers, it’s game on! As long as the game supports a full screen windowed mode, streamers can start showing their viewers where they are looking today. For gamers, tracking your in-game stats and performance will be enabled for Starcraft II and Dota 2 at launch, with many more game integrations in development.

    Is it dangerous for my eyes to use the Sentry Eyetracker ?

    Nope. There are extensive regulatory requirements on biological safety for devices with infrared lighting. The product is well below all threshold values.

    Can I use the Sentry instead of my mouse ?

    While it’s possible to use Sentry without a mouse, it will normally not replace your mouse, but can work as an additional device to enhance your gaming experience.

    Can I be banned for using the Sentry Eyetracker ?

    We haven’t yet seen any gaming regulations around the use of eye trackers.

    Do I need to buy a new Sentry every time a new game is supported ?

    No way. The Sentry’s software will be updated regularly so you won't need to buy a new device to support new games.

    Can I use the Sentry Eyetracker on my Mac ?

    Sorry, The Sentry is not yet supported on Mac OS X. But give us time.

    Can I use the Sentry Eyetracker for my console ?

    The Sentry is not yet supported on consoles.

    Can I place the Sentry Eyetracker somewhere else than under my screen ?

    No, for best results, the Sentry is always supposed to be installed directly under the active area of the screen.

    Can I use the Sentry Eyetracker together with a friend ?

    The Sentry only supports one user at a time, but an unlimited number of user profiles can be installed. Additionally the software installation is not locked down to one PC - so your friend can borrow your device (if you want to let them)..

    Can the Sentry be used with glasses?

    Yes, the Sentry works with most types of eye glasses.

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